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  1. i wish my girlfriend smoked as much weed as me,
    or at least offered to smoke me up.

    she doesn't smoke THAT much, but when we do it's so fun, we just cuddle & do cute shit.
    it'd be such a pleasant surprise to hear her be like;

    "babe, you wanna go for a walk and blaze?" or something like that.
    i smoke her out every once and a while, and sometimes whenever i give her some bud, she saves it for the next time we hang out.
    but still.

    idk, i haven't slept tonight and i really miss her and wanna blaze some herb.

    how often do you blades blaze with your girlfriends/boyfriends?
  2. Every day and every night. :)

  3. that's the life right there,
  4. I don't even like smoking around the girl I'm seeing.

    Then again, we're still kinda getting to know eachother and pot gives me social anxiety.

    It's something I enjoy most by myself.
  5. yeah i feel you on that one.
  6. Just think of it as your time to yourself.

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