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  1. I feel like I almost need to smack a women in the face to wake her up from her self-induced haze for a milisecond so she can open her eyes and see the real love that I could give her.

    I know some fellas on here feel the same:hello::smoke:
  2. Make sure to use an open hand so as not to get a felony ;)
  3. :confused:WTF?...u can't come up with something else to open her eyes...?

    don't be a bitch..make a fist,sock that bitch hard &show her how much u really love her...:rolleyes:
  4. I wanna smack them all.

    On the booty.
  5. just make a sign that says "I LOVE YOU" and walk around town. they'll get it.
  6. Dude, just walk up to her and inform her that you have a big dick.

    If she's smart, she will follow.
  7. We're all delusional.
    If I smack a female for not realizing the love I could give her then I'll have to smack myself for trying to give her that love.
  8. :confused::confused::confused:

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