Something weird that gives away your high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sonow, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Every time I come home high, I immediately go do the dishes and take out the trash and possibly do laundry. I don't know why, it's just always been how I was. I feel like I need to get everything done.
  2. yeh man i think a lot of people get this. i often feel compelled to tidy up when im high, and that's good i guess. sometimes if i wanna get some tidying done ill just smoke and ill kinda forget im tidying
  3. Haha I wouldn't say it gives away my high, but I definitely love cleaning when I'm high more..:D:smoking:
  4. just acting like you're trying to hide something and giggling at random things makes it pretty obvious i'd think. no one ever asked me if i was high tho.
  5. I usually wind up with this big, stupid smile plastered across my face. My buddy that doesn't smoke always bust's up laughing when he see's it because he already knows I'm high.
  6. When I don't get annoyed by my family as easily. Dead give away for me. They always know I'm high whenever I can talk to them without rushing through a conversation.
  7. Its always the low, red eyes that get me. And my nonsense rambling that I start and then completely forget what I am talking about half way through.
  8. its called tweakin'

    lol, na same shit happens to me.

  9. lmao. this.
  10. I stay high so everyone thinks im sober when im high and im high when im sober. it's pretty cool. never got bothered in school, at work, or by my parents.
  11. when the smell of pot lingers down the hallway and i go to the kitchen to get some tea, my granny always says and i quote " Jeffrey, have you and your friends been suckin on that pot jug again" it so damn funny my friends normally laugh there asses off when they here my 65 year old grandma call a bong a "pot jug" but hey she is kool with me smokin in the house so she can call it whatever she wants.
  12. Permasmile haha. I look at my friends in the morning and I just have that smile going on it's a dead giveaway. Plus they always just figure i'm high :smoking:

  13. Loool, "may i take a toke of the pot jug dear?"
  14. lol she wont hit the pot jug ive tried....but whe she is hurting real bad like her back or neck ill roll a j and smoke it with her she just wont do it in front of anybody...i love my family lol they are all cool like reunion= big smoke sesh in the woods with liek ten of us.
  15. What gives it away for me is at school when I see a friend I have that I'm so blazed smile going on, and I hardley ever make eye contact with people I dont know when I'm high because I'm afraid they'll know how high I am

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