something weird in my buds

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  1. hi all just checked on my plants today and have found something strange in couple of my buds in them is like a root shape very pale shoot somit i cant get a decent pic of these or wud post some my plants are now 5 and a half weeks into flowering does anyone have an idea what these are Cheers
  2. Are they at the bottom of the buds and does it look like a banana??
  3. no its not like a banana shape these plants are well into flowering about 2-3 weeks and they will be ready it is like a little root/shoot coming through the centre of the bud here is a few pics best pic quality i could get cheers

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  4. The pictures do not do any justice. Could be a possible hermie. Might not be. A good picture will tell.
  5. those are the pistles of the female. no need to worry..
  6. try taking the picture with the lights off, they should come out sharper.
  7. um im also guessing those are the pistles.
  8. If it looks like a yellow banana, thats a male flower (hermie). Typically this is not what a male pollen sack looks like but this is what happens sometimes.

    I have had it happen 2 times in my numerous grows, loooks like a very mini banana sticking out..... you may find maybe Just 1 or 2 on the entire tree, simply pluck it off.

    I would not call it a Hermie coz its not, jsut something very wierd that happens on certain strains.

    Mine happened on a French Skunk, both times, never had it on any other strain so far.

    But your fine, just plug it off with a tweezers, most likely you will find a seed or 2 in that general area where that was after drying.
  9. I read it again and you say its not like a little banana, so without better pictures cant tell you.

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