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Something to smoke to

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Malo, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. fucking sick dude no other words :hello: +rep
  2. nice flow, real smooth. reminds me of ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream, nice one friend.
  3. now freestyle all that shit all day every day and you have my friends..

    my boy mike is a freestyle mc and can come up with a good 5 songs a night off the top of his head...the kids gonna be fucking famous one day
  4. you got nice flow keep doin what you do, you got anymore?
  5. subscribed.
  6. Wow is all i can say. I dont even really like rap but by the end of that my head was bobbin and i was packing up my bong. lol. Thats got some flow man.....

    :hello::hello::hello:nicely done.
  7. That's a nice little flow man, +rep
  8. That shit was ill. Had me bobbin and goin with the beat, som tight lyrics. Like how his vocab usage is pretty in depth. Gotta hit the bong for that one! :Smoke:
  9. #10 MidwestKind, Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2008
    You would fit in with a lot of underground hip hop. :hello:

    The random beat rewind is tight too man.

    I get a people under the stairs vibe when you did the Pete Rock.
  10. wow. that was badass. :hello: reminds me of nujabees and fat jon.
  11. Good shit man, pete rock is ill
  12. That shit was phat. +repppppppppppppp
  13. YEAH YEAH, couldn't put my fucking tongue on it, just posted in a thread about PUTS, too. That's funny, I'm liiiiiiit:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  14. thanks a lot to all
    ima be postin up a lot. Most are only the first verse to songs with chorus because i gotta save it for the cd.
    Thanks for all the love.
    yea pete rock is the shit. easily one of if not the best producer alive

    and yea ha i write a lot of stuff. i mean a lot. all day everyday.
    But what people dont get is rap is more then just what word you use. Its how. And how you can follow a beat and make the beat and lyrics match. Not being cocky because im far from perfecting that skill but thats what i try to do with all my songs. Not just bar after bar after bar.
    Because that the easy part, rhyming shit.

    I like more fluid rap. I like to say that i write like a singer but rap it.
  15. yea man you can check the rest on my youtube page and i should have like 4 more up by tonight hopefully
  16. What you've just typed, I believe applies to all music conscerning written word in my eyes, which is why I love to have a mild smoke and get deep into nearly every song written by Beck. I've spent like 4/5 days listening to his album, "The Information".
    Similarly, this is the reason you're short flow really got to me, and made me feel properly at ease. Well done friend, ++ rep, please keep it up
  17. Thanks a lot man.
    For sure, ill have a couple more up by tonight. Im aiming for four.

  18. Thanks a lot man. Really, im glad ya liked it and even more glad you would compare it to them. Seriously

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