Something to "beef up" buds?

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  1. I am looking for something to add during the last weeks of flowering that will make the buds as dense as possible.

    There are a lot of Flowering Additives and I can't find the NPK of most of them to find one that has a high "P" rating for better bud growth.

  2. i just use blackstrap molasses at the end for final flush.
  3. Humboldt County Gravity (0-2-0) is an immaculate supplement, I use it along with Botanicare CNS 17 BLOOM (2-2-5) and Snow Storm Ultra (0-0-3). A good way to look at plants to N-P-K is that N is for chlorophyll and photosynthesis, P (Phosphorous) is required for ALL plant growth because of the role Phosphorous plays in energy transfer and cellular division. K (Potassium) is vital for all plant reactions outside these two including hormone production, oil production and flower tissue. Hence everything you'll ever learn 'bout growin :bolt:
  4. As long as you keep an pH and EC just follow these numbers maxing around 8-10 K during flower to be super safe and super stoked when your buds resemble hairy cauliflower ;)
  5. uhhhh...... more light :D
  6. does black strap molasses make much difference?:)

  7. I thought that the "P" was the most used during flower, since my three part nutrient mix has a "Base" @ 1.6-1.8-7.4. "Grow" @ 2.8-0-0. "Bloom" @ 0-7-4

    I was looking into more and found these, Cha Ching @ 9-50-10 and Beastie Bloomz@ 0-50-30. But FF says that Beastie Bloomz is only used during the middle of the flower cycle and that Cha Ching is used during the last 4 weeks.

  8. 8-10k, that is 4-5 times the EC of what I feed now, maybe that's why I have never gotten as much off my plants as I would have liked...
  9. The only thing i would use your last week before flush is some carbs or some over drive from advance nut.

    from the dungeon
  10. They are Outdoors.
  11. ahhhh hehe, sorry for the smart-ass answer then. :eek:

  12. Right, phosphorous is used in all tissue synthesis and is required for energy to be created. All life need phosphorous because of the molecule that gives cells the ability to carry and transfer energy. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). It's because of this fact that a plant needs a lot of phosphorous when it's performing a lot of photosynthesis and growing rapidly. Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching are powerful products and I've never seen them used on any but the biggest car size plants or single indoor vegged for like months. These are rarely utilizable levels for hydro. Remember however that Potassium is what created the stuff that makes the ganja special. The trichomes and resins ;)
  13. Remember too that photosynthesis creates "food" not energy. Primarily simple sugars. I do not believe in carbohydrates and amino acids, they sound flashy but in the end they are wishy. A plant uses Phosphorous to use the sugar it creates itself through photosynthesis. Besides everybody knows a plant cant absorb sugar through it's roots, riiiiggght?? ;)

  14. Holy shit my bad. I meant percent of Potassium (K) not EC. I never run higher than 900ppm in my solution EVER
  15. Blackstrap molasses containsthe same essential compounds as a Cal Mag supplement. Liquid Karma is an excellent product. Def the icing on the cake of an (expensive) excellent crop.
  16. H&G Shooting Powder. Last 3 weeks of flower. Makes the plant think its flowering time again. The people I have talked to have seen like a 30% increase in bud size when using Shooting powder at the end of their grow. I am using it for my current grow, still in veg though. I will update my journal (in sig) with results when its time.
  17. BadAxe your current crop looks phenomenal, SoG is an amazing technique. Though there is an additional technique that can take a SoG setup beyond. It's called Fimming heard of it?
  18. I use liquid koolbloom, 0-10-10, diamond nectar, 0-1-1, and flora nectar 0-0-1.

  19. Great combo, a molasses or cal mag supplement with boost your plants ability to use these exceptional nutes to the fullest.

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