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Something Scary happened when I toked yesterday (HELP pls)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by benjohnston332, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Please take the time to read this. It's been on my mind the whole of today.
    Okay so I have been smoking weed everyday of the holidays (2weeks). I enjoy smoking marijuana because it calms me down and helps me sleep. Anyways back to the story. Yesterday me and my two good friends decided to ride 20km on our bicycles to my backup dealer (my main guy was out of town). We ended up getting like 5grams for $50. Anyways on the way back home we decided to have a few bong hits in the park. We spun the 5 grams with a cigarette because it lasts longer and burns smoother. I decided to pack the cone piece to the brim with weed and ripped the biggest cone of my life. I straight up coughed for like 2minutes. Then it started to hit me. My head was spinning really strongly and I swear I started hallucinating. Everything went bright and there were figures singing the music that was playing on my phone. Then I came back and we decided to leave I couldn't stand up straight without falling. Eventually I got on my bike and we rode back home. On the ride back, the background noises were silenced and everyones voice was loud and weird. Plus I couldn't really control my body and my friends watched me fall of my bike a few times. Then they started taking me serious when I told them I was fucked. I was honestly so scared that I was gonna be stuck like that forever. I wanted to go to the hospital or something cause my head was spinning and I couldn't remember anything. Anyway we sat at the beach for like 3hours before I started coming down. It was really weird cause it usually takes me like 4-5 bong hits to feel really high. And I swear the high that I had was not enjoyable. 
    I hadn't eaten anything for the whole day and I also was on a 2day t-break. Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? I took a bong rip just before and I'm high right now but like a good high feeling. I'll provide cliffs for anyone who doesn't want to read.
    -Went on a 20km bike ride to score weed.
    -On the way back seshed at the park.
    -Took the biggest bong rip of my life.
    -Started hallucinating and seeing shit.
    -Everything was spinning couldn't control myself and kept falling over.
    -My voice and my friends voices blocked out all the background noise it was weird.
    -Fell of my bike like 4 times on the way home.
    -Couldn't remember anything I had done unless i started thinking really hard.
    -Wanted to go see a Doctor or something cause I couldn't control myself.
    -Came back to an enjoyable high after about 3hours. 

  2. Probably experienced a case of getting too high. The initial head rush type effect was probably from the tobacco, not going to get any higher by mixing it only gives you a strong hit of tobacco with some buds. Next time take smaller hits and dont over do it.
  3. you started off too strong, dont take big ass hits you will experience this

    if you are a lightweight as i can see this is expected
  4. i might be wrong but did you mix herb with tobacco then hit it out of bong? that rush of uneaziness is definitely the nicotene, kkeep it to herb only and smaller hits. you can hit multiple small hits but if you hit a big pack, theres no turning back.
  5. Dont mix in the Cigs next time
    and take normal hits
    Otherwise you risk a Green out
    Like you most likely had.
    Have you had your heart check lately?

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