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  1. i was watching a 60 minutes episode, about homeless families living in florida. apparently florida has the most homelessout of anywhere in the US, and there are whole fucking FAMILIES living in cars. mom, dad, dogs and cats, kids...and they just go off to school like nothing's wrong...theyre homeless because dad is a carpenter or construction worker etc and cant find work...meanwhile there are people sitting on $95million dollars and $50BILLION....actors actresses....musicians...sports players....THERE ARE KIDS LIVING IN FUCKING CARS...for fuck's sake. why is nothing being done to change this? THIS is the stuff presidential elections should be focusing get richer and poor get poorer...i dont know...this just pissed me off...anyone see this episode?

    Hard times generation: homeless kids - 60 Minutes - CBS News
  2. I'm having very difficult time watching the link because tears get in the way.

    Fuck, this shit is hard to watch...
  3. I seen that to, it broke my heart man.

    But look at the Occupy protests, they literally crumbled, and they were formed on your argument.

    Sad world we live in.
  4. yes. i was tearing up the entire time i was watching it. it is heart breaking.

    yeah thats true. "right to protest peacefully", wtf happened to that? sad sad world indeed. fuck the world
  5. Is it really that funny?
  6. Occupy celebrities?

    Kim Kardashian made $17 million for her fake marriage and makes $10k every tweet.
  7. Don't forget her sex tape ^^
  8. That too.

    Why are these people getting paid so much money for absolutely nothing? A hard working person won't see a fraction of that kind of money in their life.

  9. thats the kind of shit i'm talking about. it drives me fucking NUTS. i dont even know what to just amazes me that this is even ALLOWED to happen....8 year old kids living in the back of a honda civic....and some bitch making millions for being a bitch. unreal.
  10. meanwhile in africa..
  11. The guy with the sign, "Family of 5"...

    Said he got a job as a parking attendant at 10 dollars an hour.

    If he works 8 hour shift, that's 80 dollars a day, and if he worked everyday from Mon-Sat, that's 1,920 dollars a month.

    I've never been to USA, so I don't know how far you can go with 1,920 dollars a month.

    How much is 1,920 dollars a month? What can you do with that kind of money?

  12. that equals about 23k a year, so not much especially if you have a family to support. by yourself, yeah you will be able to make it with a $600 rent or something, but if you bring a woman and kids into the picture you will be at the poverty level.
  13. Cry? I laughed.
    You don't work you don't eat..

    The same poor ass complaining about being broke is the first one smoking a cigarette or drinking out the bottle.
  14. I see...

    You know, if you made 23,000 dollars a year in Thailand, you'd be considered 'Middle class', where with good financial plan, you can afford a small car and a small house, and support a family of five.

    You'd be working an 'office job', where you'd be at least an assistant manager.

    But if you were working as a parking attendant in Thailand, you won't be making 23,000 dollars a year, you'd be making only 2,000 dollars a year. Which means you'll be just above the poverty line.

    Just putting things in perspective to really understand the situation.
  15. Hunger.




    Wanting to become invisible.

    (just putting down some key words)
  16. After taxes thats about 16/17K....:(

  17. So many things wrong here. I hope you end up in their shoes one day.
  18. Feeling of being a family.

    Fear of separation.

    Fear of abandonment.

    Lack of confidence.



    Being under someone's charity.

    Hand outs.


    Pride being swallowed.

    Appreciating what you have.







  19. you clearly didnt click the link or read the op. good job making yourself look like a complete asswipe. this is the reason i wish i could neg rep.

    well yeah, 23k a year in thailand would be nice [acually is about 16/17k after taxes], but you have to get the equivalent dollar. which you did actually. 23k a year here really aint shit, you wont get very far.

    this is true.
  20. So... what to do about this?

    What needs to change?

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