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SOMETHING is going on in my apartment.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sacerdotal, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. For the past few weeks I keep hearing this strange sound and it's so fucking strange... The sound is a "tink" like a nail on a glass cup or porcelain cup. It pretty much happens all the time during the day, like at least 15-20 times maybe up to 50 sometimes... I am not sure if I hear the sound when there are no cups in the room. I am not sure if I hear it in other rooms. What I am sure of, though, is that there is no actions being done in my room except for me and my cat sometimes. I have ruled out the cat. It doesn't matter if he is sleeping or not or doing whatever, the sound is there. It is not me. Is matter evolving, are there ghosts, is this common to cups or what?!?!? Anyone else hearing the same sound? It is a very clear sound. It's not vague or anything like that... Just a single "tink".
  2. ear plug time
  3. Those god damn cups!
  4. My refrigerator thermostat makes a "tink" sound....
  5. someone building a bomb in a close by apartment
  6. It's obviously aliens.

  7. your neighbors an alchoholic
  8. Your neighbor needs to replace his smoke alarm batteries
  9. what kind of heaters do you have?

    i have these like baseboard heater type things in my apartment and they make noises like that all through the winter
  10. its probably a conspiracy about the london olympics, etc.
  11. I was gonna suggest something similar. I know that when my smoke alarm's batteries are low, it does some annoying tink sound every minute or so.
  12. You're probably gonna die. Sorry
  13. Any empty sprite cans around?
  14. It's the poltergeists man.. Gonna suck your ass into the tv and fondle your genitals before dragging you into the light.
  15. You may be my neighbor lol my smoke alarm been going off for weeks I don't have a ladder to reach the damn thing
  16. ghost r u a midget

  17. Just throw shit at it till it breaks man
  18. I can agree with the dude about the heaters but mine only do it when they are heating up. If your room is temp controlled and the heater turns on and off as needed, that could be it. Mine stay on all the time tho, this place kinda sucks. Btw im referring to the oil filled baseboard heaters along the wall.

  19. Yeah my old apartment had those and they always made that sound.

  20. My place has the same damn heaters. I didnt figure it out for at least a week after I started hearing the sounds... lol

    I bet thats what the OP is hearing.

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