something i will never forget... getting stabbed

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  1. well the thread about being shot brought this back to mind. I got stabbed over a cigarette!!! a month from today it will be a year since it happened.

    i was at a party in a not so nice neighborhood for my friend who was going away to the army and we had 3 kegs and bottles and a lot of bud. so i was pretty fucked up but my buddy was really fucked up and as we were walking to our car there is this black dude walking from the right of us going towards the left. my really fucked up friend starts asking the dude for a cig and the guy you can tell was def shady. my friend started walking w/ him like next to him and kept going on and on being a drunk ass and kept asking "let me get a cig, come on i know you got a newport man" so i see this going down and i start walking behind them about 15 feet back or so the next thing i know w/out saying a word the dude reaches into his waste band and pulls out a knife and str8 shanked my friend right in the stomach. I instantly ran up and cleaned the dude from the side and he falls flat on his back and gets back up. he still had the knife and i hit him two more times and when i went to hit him again he stabbed me in the arm. i didn't even know at first honestly. it was a road that was getting work done on it so there were rocks everywhere. i picked up the biggest rock right at my feet and hit the dude over the head w/ it and he took off running. the next thing i know my friend is on the ground and he just kept saying he stabbed me, he stabbed me. and then i started to walk towards him and he was like "fuck he stabbed you too". i looked at my arm and i could barely see my arm from my bicept down cause there was so much blood. so my other friend who was getting the car who happend to see none of this pulls up. i took my shirt off and he tied it around my arm as tight as he could and booked it to the hospital. i didn't realize how serious my friend was hurt and i wanted to go find the mother fucker that stabbed us. but then he lifted up his shirt and it was right in his stomache and he was calling his mom and telling her to get to the hospital he thinks he is going to die. he really thought he was going to die it was pretty crazy. being as fucked up as i was i didnt want to go into the hospital and get my arm fixed up cause i didnt realize how serious that was either because i tied my shirt on it as quick as i could and it wasn't really hurting that bad. the nurses and doctors came outside and were trying to make me come in but i kept refusing and they ended up having to take my friend in the ambulance to another hospital. i ended up going there and getting my arm taken care of and got about a million questions from the police. i called my gf and told her and she didn't believe me at first, i was so pissed and wanted to kill her lol. the worst part of the whole thing was when i was in the hospital the doctor put his fingers in my whole in my arm to check if anything broke off in it or was in my wound, he put his index and midle finger in my arm all the way up to his knuckles and that hurt like a bitch. i ended up w/ 7 staples. my friend had to have surgery because it punctured his stomache. he got 38 staples after they were done doing surgery. moral of the story... never ask for cigs in the hood, you might get stabbed.

    and they never caught the dude btw. just thought i would share this experience w/ you. I would do anything for my friends including take a knife for them.
  2. i'll try to get pics of mine and my friends scars. mine looks like such a pussy ass scar compared to his lol even though i had 7 staples to patch me up. lol his looks like a hangman setup on his stomach it goes from right about where the v in your rib cage is all the way down to his belly button. pretty intense night to say the least
  3. Damn, that's horrible man. Yeah, that's why i try to stay away from people/ or situations i feel uneasy about. Bugging some random dude in the hood for a cig would be pretty high up on my list. But nice job on helping your friend out, can't say many people would do the same.
  4. thats nuts man

  5. like i said i'll do anything for my friends thats just how i am. the craziest thing about it is who knows what that dude woulda did if i wasn't there. he coulda popped him a couple more times w/ that knife for sure.
  6. that shits crazy. hopefully someone caps that fucker
  7. here's a pic of my friends scar lol we had some fun w/ it one day when we were all drunk, the part that goes sideways is where the knife went in, the rest was from the surgery that followed save his life.

  8. I think you will find most people would, if your going to die you may as well die next to your mate.
  9. Damn' man that's crazy!
  10. wow. yea don't ask for cigs

    thats a nice big wall of text
  11. i don't have my camera and i only have pics of mine on my phone w/ the staples still in but i can't send it to my email for some reason
  12. lmfao! nice man
  13. tell your friend to stop shaving his happy trail... that rzor burn is nast

  14. that worries me that you would notice that lol

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