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Something I just realized about myself and weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NeverOddOrEven., May 5, 2011.

  1. So after last months usually constant smoking every day multiple times a day, I was in a situation today. I had no cash for today, and Im making some tomorow. I have been sober beside a bowl in the last 3 days and honestly still feeling a little burnt out kinda high from last month. I, beeing the pothead I am, can pretty much go to my smoke room and find bud on my carpet anytime I want, enough bud for a bowl...

    Well tonight I got down and packed a bowl. I feel really good from that and I like how you can get high when you don't smoke so frequently as opposed to how you plateu when your a daily smoker.

    And to be honest with myself I am far more productive/functional when my smoke schedule isn't so packed lol
    but this is just me

    How are you with weed? Whats your stance on it as far as the amount/ time you smoke it
  2. I think most people are more productive when sober. If productivity is getting to be too much of a problem when you smoke, just make it a weekend thing.

    That's what I do...I look forward allllll week until Friday night when I can light up a blunt :)
  3. Pots fun but you should only do it on spare time. If you have a test the next day study, and save the bud for a later day.
  4. I'm aiming for under .5 a day, then down to .3.
    Was smoking about a gram a day for quite a few months; it doesn't take very long for a tolerance to build, and after a certain point I find myself smoking more as a habit than to get high, and barely getting high anymore. That's when I know I need to smoke less.
  5. Well its not just the productivity thing. Its really mostly the high im talking about. And I wasnt gonna say everyone is more productive sober cus theres always some guys who have to come in and be like "UH IM BETTER AT EVERYTHING HIGH" just to be contrary
  6. I get all my big thinking out of the way. Like if i want to get a candy bar. :D
    Im sometimes productive. Its just what im doing when im smoking. Most times im on my computer and watching a movie. I get a night time disorder where i get sad as fuck. But in the day im cherry. But the bud works.. So yeah.. <.>
  7. i smoke at least 1 time a day no more than 3-4 on a weekday...

    but heres the difference...i only take a few tokes off of a j or blunt and then put it i dont smoke a lot in terms of the amount i smoke..just the frequency.

    my tolerance stays reasonably low this way versus smoking a whole/half j/blunt at a time.

    more of less its a comfortable buzz but still fully functional (mentally/physically).
  8. I smoke at most 4 times a week, normally 2 or 3.
  9. Well, get a more uplifting type bud, I mean sativa or inica is couchlock vs productive. To me makes just as much as a difference as your mindset and goals.
  10. I'm definitely not gonna be worth much if I'm baked... I mean I'll try anything when i'm high but I'm not guaranteeing that I'm not gonna be standing there zoned out like DURRRRRRRR!!!
    weed makes me wanna do stuff that i can't do anyways.. like travel through space and time, fly, be invisible, all kindsa crazy stuff.
    I'm very productive at playing video games when im stoned though.. but aren't we all? :D

  11. It's a well-known fact that stoners are intense when it comes to playing video games.
  12. When I lived at home in jersey, I smoked a lot more and much more often. I was also smoking with friends, gf, bro, etc. It was always dank. Now that I'm down in fl by myself I will still smoke daily if I have bud but I don't smoke a shitload to my face. Maybe a bowl or two max a day if that. Plus I've just got shwag which is beat but I guess it's helping me not smoke too much. I enjoy smoking less now too, usually its just before I head out or if I go out for lunch/dinner, or before I go to bed. Its a waste to me if I smoke and just sit around. I'm trying to make use of nice weather everyday and get out more.
  13. Yeah I save it for my weekends, although I do sometimes get high at work
  14. Since I'm still in uni I bust my ass all week just so that from Friday 5pm I can just let loose and do what I please(weed plus alcohol).it prevents me from feeling guilty and I enjoy the high much more.but on holidays I'm baked 24/7(in the morning the first thing in my mouth is a joint,it's also the last thing at night)and for me it's a system that works
  15. All I'm gna say is don't smoke HASH while trying to get productive lol
  16. I used to a daily toker...pretty much once i was home from college i'd be high until bed so it was maybe 3 bowls a day? Anyway, i quit a while back and i feel a lot lot better in myself.

    I literally have no desire to start smoking again, though i will once summer comes. I think my situation is somewhat different due to my social anxiety, which seems to be exacerbated by smoking weed :(

    Guess heavy use isn't for me...
  17. #17 Smotpoking, May 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    That's what I do, although I'm a senior in high school though, 6 ap classes, you know what I'll be doing after ap exams

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