something happened yesterday....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by davoplot, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. me and my nieghbor wer having a few beer and met up with one of my friends auntie................
    so we all get smashed, i mean SMASHED!
    so we end up grabbing E that night and getting high as fuck too. friends auntie, my nieghbor, and I end up getting in a conversation about sex and she takes off her top.:eek:.
    Buddy takes off his pants n shit:eek::mad:
    and they stop with dead silence and look at me and say "WELL?" at the same time!!!:eek:

    anyways that night i ended up pounding one of my buddys auntie with my nieghbor.
    ya..i mean she got pork roasted.

    Sorry if i should have put this in pandoras box.

    yea 2 days ago....i wonder what would happen if my buddy found out:cool::poke::yay:

    i kinda feel bad
  2. ....

    Yeah, definitely a thread for the Box.
  3. Hah, good job dude. +rep
  4. Wow, man, that's fuckin' awesome.
  5. I know that situation too well, lol... but it never had to do with ecstacy, but that woulda made it even better :D
  6. *fetal position*

    Umm.. yeha I;m not sure really what to say to this, Id keep quiet personally.
  7. we need more threads like this , lol

  8. QFT haha. Exactly what I thought when I read this.
  9. nah, this will be easy..just say

    "Hey man, I gangbanged your aunt last night." your friend will give you a look here then just casually give a punch in the arm and say "Ha, Im kidding man."
  10. haha YES!!! plus its his aunt so its not that big of a deal
  11. wow. thats another complicated scenario to add to the book of complicated scenarios to be in.
  12. Nice:smoke:

    We will all pretend she wasnt that old.
  13. lol thats funny, i agree you should say what melkor suggested lol
  14. pics of said aunt are now demanded.
  15. haha classic man, ive been in that situation but it was with 2 girls. It was inda a cool but i think the chicks liked each other more lol.
  16. well, good for you I guess. :hello:
  17. and there's always a chance he'll get a niece or nephew that looks like you.:hello:

    unless you wore a hoodie.....;)
  18. Now you just need to fuck his mom and you will be my hero.
  19. nah, fuck his mom, grandma, all ex girlfriends, dad, and dog, and youll be a hero...or straight out messed up...either way...
  20. haha grandma, dad, and dog? definatly to far. mom and ex girlfriends youll be a hero

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