Something fucked up just happened!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iceman35, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Was at my friends house and we blazed a nice blunt of beasters. we go back to his house to do homework at like 1 am and i took a drink of water and i get a big bubble in my throat and it really burned my chest and i put my head down and the next think i know is i woke up on the kitchen ground and i had no clue who my friend was or where i was. He told me i like passed out and slammed my head on the ground and my head bounced. i felt real nausious and just laid down. maybe i should go to the emergency room?
  2. something similar like that has happened to me.... it was my first time smoking trainwreck and i was laying on my bed just hitting the blunt prob just laid there for 2 hours before getting up.... i stood up my vision got cloudy and completely blacked out woke up on the ground next to my tv like wtf just happened.... maybe the blood just rushed to ur brain and u couldnt handle it cause thats what i think happened to me... its happened to me before and after that but not to that extent
  3. Smoke more of course. If anything your concussion will make you hella baked.
  4. yeah dont start over thinking shit smoking makes everything better hhah
  5. got a real bad headache, went to the ER and they said no concussion, that it was from when i tried to swallow the water it made the stopped the blood flow to my brain and i just blacked out. i think im good but my freakin head is killing me and i got a little egg size ball on my head now.
  6. lol ur lucky nothing worse happened. A mate of mine stood up too fast and cracked his head open had to get 9 stitches

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