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  1. Ok so i have 2 jobs and one just so happens to be part time at Mcdonalds, i was doing the over night tonight since i work midnights mon-thurs at my other job, but anyways it was probably 1-2am and some lady pulls up to the first window (im a manager so i deal with money and stuff like that but it just so happens i was taking orders and money at the first window) and she pulls up smoking a pipe, she said she had just come from Denver and had some crazy ass bud, knowing no camera can see me i stupidly take a hit mainly because she made it sound so tempting and my birthdays tomorrow so im like fuck it, were not busy there is 2 other people here, anyways here is when it gets interesting. I TAKE 1 HIT!! 1 she starts to laugh and says to me your going to be fucked up, as soon as i took the hit i could tell right away it wasn't bud just by the way it tasted, as soon as i hit it, it hit me, (keep in mind i only smoke pot now but i have experimented with cocaine and lsd in my teenage years but havnt done anything other than weed for years) but anyways my heart starts beating crazy fast (faster than any other time in my life) and i start to TRIP HARDER THAN IVE EVER  TRIPPED ON ACID OR SHROOMS! so at this point im fucked i felt like i was walking through the ocean or some shit but at the same time i was hallucinating harder than ever before as it felt like i took a 10 gram line of coke to the face, So i started to flip out at this lady and said what is this? WHAT IS IN THIS! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? ITS NOT BUD. she just keep saying it was scooby so im saying well what the fuck is scooby? whats in it? Keep in mind after realizing how fucked up i am i refused to take her money until she told me what it was (she sat at the window for 20 minutes i bet) and i actually threw her credit card and the wet snowy ground lol (keep in mind im fucked up so im not really caring what i do and say and she lied and put some crazy drug in my system so fuck her but after she left i go on break because i cant   work tripping like that but it faded away about 30 minutes or so after that, it probably lasted 45 minutes to an hour but it was crazy, i got home and started to do some research on a drug call "Scooby" the only thing i could find was a synthetic marijuana called Scooby Snax, it said the it was ban in 40 states and under federal law but it suppose to mimic marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, herion, and lsd and it went on to say how scary the chemicals are in this product, so what im wondering is by what ive told you guys here, what does it sound like i smoked? when i looked in the pipe it kind of just looked like mids or some shit

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    If this is a real story, it's a shame you're going to be banned. Sounds like you might be one with many crazy stories, if you'll take a hit from whatever pipe rolls up to your takeout window. 
  3. Sounds like spice or synthetic marijuana.  I've heard bad stories about it and the experience you had is similar to stories I've heard about being crazy high for less then an hour.
  4. This Story is %100 real, but why would i get ban? and i do have some crazy ass stories but i would never just smoke something from a stranger but she looked like a cute stoner chick who acted like she knew what she was talking about so i figured why not, but i did stat off by saying it would be different if i wasnt at work but she just keep saying how good it was and that she was on her way home from denver so it sounded like it should of been fine but man was i wrong, my coworkers knew something was up but i never said anything
  5. yeah, whatever it was i didn't like it, and after i hit it she just was saying it was scooby, so idk but it was messed up
  6. I don't think u did anything to get banned. Ur not promoting any drugs.. But yeah lol thTs funny. Hit anything that clmss through the drive up.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    That story kicks ass, even if it wasn't funny for you. She's a crazy stupid bitch, don't want to be rude here. I don't know why you would get banned for this..  :hippie:
  8. Remember kids- just say nope to dope! Or at the very least- don't take anything from the crazy lady in the drive thru at 2 AM :) Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. it wasnt that funny at the time but thats all ive been able to think about all day, i haven't been to sleep, but it is kind of funny thinking about it but at the time i didnt know what the fuck to do lol, i called my friend on my break and i was freaking out, he said i sounded normal but what i was saying he said was fucked up but he thought it was funny to mainly because i haven't done anything that dumb for a while lol but thanks guys i didn't think i posted anythig to get ban over, i just cant really tell to many people i know since i could get fired and all kinds of dumb things so i thought why not tell you guys and see what grasscity thinks about it and id really like to figure out what exactly i smoked because that stuff was not cool and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone
  10. hahaha maybe it was the one produced in your pineal. crazy shit. and ppl are saying you could get banned cause your talking about other drugs besides weed, so maybe edit your post and erase all other drug references besides weed. its bs i iknow thems the breaks
  11. Damn, and she's driving around tripping balls huh? Yep she'll probably be on the news for running over a kid or something. I've hit blunts out the drive through and had my cup filled up with alcohol, crazy how people think/know the guy at the window will hit anything huh? 
  12. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
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    all mcdonalds have cameras on the drivethru people
    and if yours doesn't, you'd better be making $200 a day into your pocket on top of whatever they pay you
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    Spice for sure mate. What was that old lady doing with spice anyhow I sure miss that stuff sometimes. Sent from my iPhone using Grass-city Forum
  15. Thats fake weed that you smoked I have an friend who used to smoke "Scooby"

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