Somethin Weird on Dirt

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IM HI, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. take a look at these 7...whats that stuff thats showin up on the dirt?

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  2. What type of soil did you use? Something doesnt look right, looks like something white is starting to grow on the dirt balls? (And no, i dont mean the perlite) Also looks like youve got some other small vegitation growing in both pots? Is this used soil?

  3. Naa man, brand new outta the bag. From Menards (kinda like a home depot) with no added nutes or anything.
  4. Well you got me stumped, sorry I couldnt be of more help, im sure a crafty veteran will come by and post...

    Are those little green dots I see other plants?
  5. yup, i thought that was kinda weird too...but the shit on the dirt has me the most lost....its like a dusty weird lost...
  6. anyone else have any ideas??? this almost looks like some sort of mold the more i look at it...
  7. What are your temps/humidty levels?
  8. Looks like its alive : mold or fungus.
    Something may be decomposing.
    Doesn't really matter either, it's trouble.
    Get rid of the soil it's crap, get something with less 'organics'.
  9. k, ill do that. not sure on the temps/humidity, i need to get a monitor for it...
  10. a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in some water will kill, its mold.
  11. i have foxfarms soil and i had a green plant leaf of some species poke through the soil. I think thats just the organics. I had some white stuff 2 but it just went away on its own when the soil dried. Yours is more severe than in my case.
  12. i have been wanting to do this but dont know the dose... do you know if its like 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide per .5 liters? like say i get a purified water bottle (which is .5L) can i just put 2 drops in that or does it need just one drop orrrr like 5 hah .....i've never run into this problem before but i get the feeling i always get when i know im going to run into the prob in the future and end up running into the problem hah.:p

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