Someone smashes plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by shadymonk3327, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. if someone you kne wfound your spot and fucke dup you rplants, woudl you conside rthis grounds for fucking THEM up.
  2. Someone do it to you?
  3. Personally, I wouldn't touch the person/s. I'd let karma take care of business for me but then again, I grow in my backyard and don't have to walk for kilometers to reach my plants.
  4. i'd stab them
    young buck style
  5. If the cops get involved and drugs are implicated, watch out. Don´t get mad, get even.
  6. ive just had this problem, a so called mate has stolen one of my plants. when i find him he will lose some fingers

    i say fuck them up and make sure they dont talk
  7. i'd have some "guido's"take care of it n leave them wondering why they got beat.

    create my own carma for them...:devious:
  8. [quote name='fisher1986']ive just had this problem, a so called mate has stolen one of my plants. when i find him he will lose some fingers

    That´s asking for a lot of time in a Spanish jail. You wouldn´t like that.

    Don´t be so stupid as to ruin your life for one fucking plant.
  9. It's one plant. That isn't anything to do time over. If I get that carried away with my growing, i feel it has turned from a hobby into a buisness and it ain't all that. I got better things to do then spend anytime in the jails in my country. I would rather be put to death cause a lot of people go in walking and go out in a box. Prison is very hard on a person here.

  10. Where is that?? China or somewhere else harsh??
  11. you'd probably get a death sentence there anyway

    and regarding my problem im going to get the lithuanians to help me out for a price. i know it was only 1 plant but its the principle of it. plus he's a right cheeky bastard and he needs whats coming to him.
  12. You got the phone number of them lithuanians? There´s this arsehole......
  13. if someone touches your plant, create your carma for them...dont get involved personally though. or just lay back for a while and let them forget about it, then beat them down and make them think about why they just got beat down
  14. Don´t get mad, get even.

  15. Karma always evens out.

  16. Fuck their car up. Don't make it obvious.
    (if you do this, it's not my fault)
  17. You all realize this thread is 5 years old?????
  18. if someone even took a little 2 week old seedling from me id bash there fukn head in, i wouldent kill them or send them home crying id just send them to the hospital:devious::mad:
  19. Whack em, make it look accidental.
  20. Do you realize this thread had been dead for 5 years? It had no value then and even less now. :rolleyes: :smoke:

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