Someone please make a How to transplant in coco thread

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  1. Maybe im just overthinking it but Im transplanting my plant out of a 1 gallon to a 2 gallon pot(coco to coco) soon and pretty nervous since coco is so loose.. I plan on watering it first obviously but its still loose wet.. any help would be great and someone should make a thread to be pinned.

  2. I have noticed that the proper time to transplant would be when the roots have almost totally covered the outside of the coco. That way the roots hold in the coco. I do 60/40 coco perlite and its hard to not lose some of the mix. I use plain water to wet down the coco before I transplant then water again with a strong fert mix + bioroot and maybe a drop of superthrive to charge the new coco and give it a good feeding welcoming it to its new home. I also use cheap fabric grow bags off ebay going from 1/2 to 1 to 2 gallon and sometimes 3. When you see roots coming out the bottom of the bag you know its time to bump up the bag... I prefer to start off with the smallest bag from clone just so they dont take as much water/food to feed. Also with the fabric bags you can see the roots around the outside parameter with a good light or flashlight.... If those roots are not trying to escape I just leave them in that size bag.... If you lose a little coco or a lil bit of roots its no big deal, feed it and it should recover with no stress... At least I have not experienced any so far, but hey, this is my first coco grow so I am still learning too... Just my experience so far, good luck bro!

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    Agree with the above, if you wait til it's real dry like with soil then you're gonna definitely lose some lose coco from the top. I personally found the easiest way to minimize the loss while still keeping the roots safe is to wait until there is only a bit of moisture left. Not dry enough for another watering but not damp either. It tends to stick in one chunk a lot easier if there is a little bit of moisture, and definitely better on the safe side to wait until the roots are completely filled out so it grabs everything with it.
    Other than that just standard transplant, I like to take the container I'm transplanting from and put it inside the new container and fill around it with medium, so all that's left to do is slide the plant out and drop it in the hole, then water.
    EDIT: I wouldn't water before transplanting, the heavier the medium is the more likely you are to tear some of the more delicate roots when moving over.
  4. To make a long story short, transplant when plant is "root-bound" in the 1 gal pot. Root bound is when your roots

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  5. well they are kinda peaking sure they will be ok for a little longer..ill take a couple pics later.. I just wanted to switch to 12/12 in a week or so and gonna transplant before..but if they aren't rootbound maybe ill let them go in there 1 gallon pots.. im only letting them grow to be about 2 and half feet. They were Fimmed so I don't have to lst which takes a bigger pot but ill probably just work off the 4 colas and lollipop a bunch of the growth below it for clones
  6. You should definitely transplant prior to switching to flower.
  7. I transplanted today.. They were rootbound as hell so it was easy some super healthy roots
  8. The roots do grow right out of these cheapo fabric bags from ebay...So you think its ok to just bury a 1 or 2 gallon fabric pot inside a 3gallon fabric pot...the roots seem to have no problem poking through the bag, if they want out they will get out...Only thing I worry is that it will somewhat restrict the roots expanding out a little...but it sure would be alot less of a chore if it works ok...maybe I will try it next.

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