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Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. ok to make a long story short, me and my ex had sex twice and i used a condom and she is on birth control. well she told me last night that she found a lump.. we were both virgins and im sure i dont have any diseases. this cant mean she is pregnant can it? please say no.. but if it can.. then say yes.. this sucks

    k i just realized this may not belong here, so please, move it to where it needs to go if it belongs elsewhere
  2. well its in her vagina.. thats all i know. last time we had sex was like over 2 weeks ago and i have no lumps

    shes going to the doctor tomorrow... i hope everything is ok
  3. yeah, what kind of lump, and where?
  4. A lump on the vagina is not a baby!!!! LOL!!! Who knows, women get little bumps and cysts. Send her to a gynecologist. It doesn't sound like it's something to worry about.
  5. thanks.. this helped calm my nerves a lot.. ill know whats up for sure tomorrow
  6. worst case scenario....... cervical cancer....... but who knows...... im far from a really don't listen to anything i say...... i know one of my ex's had it, and she started w/ a small bump though...
  7. umm, you should just get her to a doctor and stop asking a forum for potheads about medical advice. but if i had to say, i would say this is probably just a false alarm
  8. Never jump to the worst conclusion first. Cervical cancer is inside where the cervix is. But the lump is definately NOT a baby! LOL!
  9. Let her see the doctor and then let us know what she found out!
  10. aye, i shall do just that.

    and i didnt think the lump was a baby, i thought it might mean a baby is on the way.

    thanks again everyone, i feel much better now!
  11. Babies don't make in the puss. they make in the belly! LOL

    She may just have a cyst or something.. I would say it's not serious!
  12. I bet she has a Bartholin's cyst. A woman has Bartholin glands at the entrance of her vagina. They are small and can't be seen or felt when they're normal. Their function is to secrete fluid to the inner surface of the labia. If the duct becomes blocked, then the fluid that the glands produce will accumulate and cause the gland to swell. If that's what it is then she will be fine, they will just drain it. Sometimes a really warm bath will take care of it and a doctor isn't needed.

    Good luck!!!
  13. Don't forget to come back and tell us what the doctor says. I'm all curious now!!!
  14. ok if you don't know where babies come from there is one question I hafta ask- should you really be boning your girlfriend?
  15. dude, who said i didnt know where babies come from?

    rmjl- thanks for the pm and the info, much needed!

    she went today and the dude wasnt even specialised in that area, so now she has to wait 3-5 more days. bah
  16. (Guys, leave Samus alone about the baby thing. GEEZ!!!)

    No problem Samus! If it's going to be a few days before she see's a doctor, tell her to soak in a really warm bath a few times a day if she can. If it's a Bartholin cyst, it will soften up and drain on it's own, more than likely.

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