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Discussion in 'General' started by Swimfr, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Ok, so im in some godforsaken town in jersey for a week with a few people. They have never smoked, so i made it my goal to smoke them up while we're together. The problem is, we can't find weed ANYWHERE, and none of us have a car, nor do any of my dealers, who live in my hometown, about an hours drive away from where i am now.. We have asked around, and just cant find anyone. Does anybody have any suggestions of how i could find some? This place is extremely small, consisting of only a few houses, and about a 5 minute walk away is a wawa. We tried asking anyone that looked 420 friendly at wawa if they knew anywhere we could score, and failed miserably. Help would be appreciated!
  2. Asking for hook-up here is against the rules sadly. I'm sure you understand, we look out for people's uhh freedom. You just have to keep up the dedication and keep looking buddy. Sorry nothing else we can really do. Any other stores beside walmart in close vicinity? A library is a good location, or anywhere with Wifi.
  3. Yeah i know what you mean, i mean im looking for suggestions on what to do, i would assume looking for hook ups on here is prohibited. And honestly, there is like nothing. its seriously like out in buttfuck, nowhere
  4. Talk to a taxi driver perhaps?

    Twiddle a fiddle or two for a phone number? If you're into that
  5. Haha, nah im not into twiddling fiddles, sorry. & Why, do all taxi drivers Smoke weed? Hahaha

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