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  1. Not too long ago I was walking down the street and saw a man. Not just a ordinary man. He stood in one spot & didn't move at all. Acted like a mannequin. Didn't blink, didn't even act like he saw people seeing him. Just stood there and stared blankly at a open lot that was ahead of him. Have any idea what this means?
  2. Maybe he has issues being out in public and that was his way of avoiding contact?
    Maybe he was reminiscing about the past?
    Maybe he was fucking with everyone?

    Maybe you could have asked him? What if he was waiting for someone to initiate a conversation with him?
  3. cud be a mental illness

    my friend's mom had a mental illness (bipolar disorder i think) and one time i went over and she was sitting on the couch 100% still and silent. i said hi and she just kept staring straight ahead like a zombie

    it was cray
  4. I do know that a similar thing happens in the last scene of the movie "Kids", I was just watching it and it reminded me of that guy.

  5. dam that looks like a crazy movie . . . . . . just googled it lawl

    my bro was talking about it as well. kept begging me to watch it haha, i didnt tho, i have low tolerance for movies
  6. No way to know without asking him...
  7. Like the street performers that paint themselves and stand still for money?


    Or a britsh guard?

  8. Was he painted silver?
    [ame=]LIVING Human Statue plays with his balls in Portland, OR - YouTube[/ame]
  9. he could just be really bummed out

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