Someone ate my lunch

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. The bag had a post it note with my name on it, I know it. I had a jam sandwich with coke slaw and chips it was gonna be bomb. I made it at home so it's not like I paid for it but wtf hahahh. There is one pbj in the fridge, did someone upgrade their lunch and steal mine? Should I eat the pbj? I can't see anyone eating my food but somebody swiped it mayne. It was taken from the work fridge :mad:
  2. I meant ham sandwich not jam lol and cole slaw I'm on the app hahah
  3. I'd loose it, shit in the pb and j
  4. Not the slaw!
  5. It was a pretty good sandwich, too :devious:
  6. The slaw :(

    Idk I'd feel shitty eating the last sandwich in the fridge but nobody is claiming it. I didn't bring cash for food...and I'm stoned and hungry. Someone will pay for this with blood
  7. Eat the sandwich. Someone else is to blame!
  8. Dude aren't you the one whose subway sandwiches are always disappearing as well? Someone is after your food.
  9. Are you sure you didn't eat it? Haha
  10. Hahahhh no that's not me but I remember that thread lmao
  11. Interrogate EVERYONE until justice is SERVED!!! LOL no pun intended.
  12. Your post it note probably fell off the bag, and someone was like "OH heyyyy, free lunch"
  13. dude thats the worst work environment

    cant even trust your coworkers to not eat your shit

    you need like a full on investigation

    and shame that fucker publicly
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    walk around your office smelling everyones breath. if you smell pbj and coke deck that fucker.

    or just write "i lick all my food" on the bag, or "if you keep taking my lunch one day you may end up tripping balls for 13 hours, and i dont mean just tripping, i mean you will be on another planet."
  15. now you have to put a camera in the fridge
  16. Demand stool samples from your coworkers...dissect looking for undigested carrots.
  17. Investigate for that asshole. Food is gold.possibly a trash can in the break area you could look in? I said look tho dont go diggin ::homeless::
  18. Had to be done eventually...


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