someone applauded on my dick.......

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighHaze, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. and now i got the clap :mad:
  2. it happens to the best of us
  3. stay strong man
  4. Oh noe.

    Good luck.
  5. please tell me u guys arent taking me seriously :eek:
  6. ROFL.

    I just whiped the sweat off my forehead. I was laughing at your misery secretly.
  7. hahahahahah oh i just told everyone in the room this.
  8. I knew it was a joke because you'd actually have to be able to get laid to begin with

    I kid I kid
  9. haha you fucked up person you
    hope u didnt get the same serious reactions....that woulda been weird
    damn! haha good one

  10. lol... nah said it like a story... oh my god this guy online just said!!......
    nevertheless its fuckin hilarious and i am happy you dont really have it cause i would feel horrible laughing at your pains
  11. Ahahahaha i did the exact same thing.
  12. i dunno which to be more disturbed about if i heard that from you.....the part about you having a dick or the clap :eek:
  13. i once got the clap from a friends mother. i was 17, she was 35 at the time. very, very hot milf. anywho, (this was back in high school, senior year) he was away at some stupid wrestling camp and i needed beer. on an offchance, i stopped by to ask her. well, i got the beer and a bunch of jager and well, one thing led to another and i ended up fucking the brains out of her.
    fast forward a couple months, and i had the clap. went to the dr, got a script and was happy. somehow or other, my bro found out i had the clap, and i guess he knew his mom had it too. he put two and two together, wasn't very happy i fucked his mom. i wasn't very happy the bitch gave me chlamydia.
  14. haha thats funny dude, id bitch out my mom if something like that happened. although, i must admit, bangin some of my friends, that would be nice. minus the chlamydia part though
  15. that's the fucked up thing. this is how i learned that no matter how hot and clean looking a chick is, she may be dirty as the 'blocks crackwhore.
    17 is a very young age to learn that lesson. shit, i think every teenage male is under the assumption that if the bitch is hot and foxy, that she's clean. NOT!
    funny thing too, i just saw her a few months ago. she hasn't aged very gracefully at all.
  16. damn she applauded on your dick really good. if your healthy now then it was more than worth it though.

    i know what u mean about chicks being dirty though, thats part of what contributes to my pussy paranoia. read up about it here
  17. this thread made me lol.
  18. do you know why they call it the clap

    i heard it was because the gonorrhea discharge makes a clap noise when it falls on the ground but im not sure if that is true

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