Somehow I'm sitting on a bus

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pew, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Long story short, just ended my 2 month t-break and a bro smoked me out cause I always shout him when we're smoking. I'm telling you man this bud looked like grandpa pubes.

    Friend really wanted sushi so we google mapped the bus route.
    Now I'm sitting on here looking out the window wondering where the fuck I am.

    The thrill of actually ending up in the city has got me pretty excited. So many places in my own city I didn't know about.
  2. The bus always that one weird creepy guy nobody wants to sit next to. As long as you aren't that guy, the bus is pretty fun for going on random adventures
  3. Nah I'm with a mate and we're on s mission for sushi.

    Just look like baked kids. *smoke*
  4. You saw your grandpas pubes?!?!
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    I see my grandpas pupes all the time man, what's wrong with that?
  6. Dis kid always be trollin'

  7. why are you posting this everywhere????
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    W32st C^oast Trollin 30's C^ripks :cool:
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    Dude u can't even see it, it's pixilated as hell, just fuck off with that shit or I'll report you
  10. I think that person that posted that nasty pic thought this thread said Bang Bus
  11. Maybe its his ex gf.

    I had a friend get a picture of that and the chick looked dead on like his sister.

    Op, I wanna ride the bus. Instead I shall live vicariously through you

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