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  1. star gazing. thats when u first saw him
    head tilted upwards, longing for the heavens, coming away with glints of silver and sparkles
    i never got close enough to see
    but the tears were rolling down his cheeks
    his hands clasped together
    2 bricks, dark and smooth
    i wanted them on me, in my hair, touching my face and smoothing away my own tears
    brown hair wet with perspiration
    covering eyes so pained, eyes so deep and so green
    lips so pale and pink, i can feel them on me already
    he's all i want, all i need, and all i'll never have
    both of us too lost in the rain
    too enveloped in the emptiness
    someday we'll see each other, someday we'll soar
  2. That was really nice :) "Longing for the heavens" - that is a beautiful line.

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