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Somebody took my phone, need your help GC...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nb8475, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I was chilling with a friend and his friend says he wants to come pick us up and go back to his house and smoke. We go there chill, I get really fucking high and we go down and watch a movie then he brings us back. Well this morning I woke up at my boys house and i dont have my phone, i call it and its off. theres a 99% chance i left it in his house, and it had almost full battery so theres no way it just died overnight. So after blowing up his phone all day and actually going to his house, he finally picks up. he says hes not home right now, he knows nothing about an iphone and he says i can even come look when he gets back. also it's a new iphone 4s.
    so any advice?
  2. iphone has a gps on it...rush down to apple and they will locate the exact location with its built in gps.

    Thank me later.
  3. yeah, i already tried tracking it, he turned it off i said though
  4. go look for it at your boys house, if not there go look for it at his friends house. retrace your steps. idk why you have to like post a thread about this use your brain..
  5. Go look for it when he gets back. Keep in mind it was (hopefully) password locked, right? If so, it's basically worthless to him.
  6. did you get that 'mobile me' thing? cause you can track your phone with that and it will show you its exact location.. if not then theres not much you can do except call your phone company and tell them to shut it off so he can't use it.
  7. fuck if you have that tracing app on your phone it only works when its on, rough shit man, ive lost my fair share of iphones. I keep that shit like glued to me now lol.

    best of luck to you man.

  8. sigh*...are you really that helpless you had to ask on the internet for advice in a situation like this? like shit son...go look for youre phone...if you cant find it...maybe someone took it maybe they didnt...

    need me to hold youre hand while you pee too?
  9. It's a big possibility that your phone actually is dead and is under his sofa something, or stuck between some cushions, or something like that.

    I understand getting upset when you lose your phone, but if he's offering to let you come look for your phone... that's what you should do, look all over his house, anywhere you might have been.... then you can start judging him and being paranoid about him stealing your phone.

    Just because you lost your phone at his house doesn't equal this guy being an asshole and stealing your phone.

    I've had my phone run out of juice at my own house, and go missing for a few hours before I could find it.
  10. Did you lose it somewhere in your house? Look all over in your house first, then go over to his and look around.
  11. There's so many things you should of done before hand. There are MANY apps designed to prevent this from happening. Many apps will even turn the phone on even if it's off and will emit a VERY loud and annoying sound until a password is entered. Shoulda took precautions bro. Hopefully you at least had a password on it so it's useless to someone else. Sorry bro, not much you can do.
  12. He cant.

    This is only government stuff, but they can activate your gps and microphone even if its off. Not saying that apple will do this for you, but the only way to make sure is to take the battery out, and thats very hard on an iphone.

    Just food for thought. Good luck though
  13. ive left my iphone at a guys house i did not know....knocked on the door next day got it right back :)
  14. You could possibly save yourself some time by going and asking his dealer if he was given an Iphone in exchange for weed recently.

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