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  1. So far i have a 5 day old seedling under two 40w flo's thats 80w combimed I can notice growth everyday but not that much and i keep the light about an inch away so theres no stretching but my question is will these two lights grow me a plant at all? these are the only lights i can get and nothing else so please just give me some idea of what i should get out of these lights. i leave them on for 24 hours a day and also besides using an hps or an hid might there be any kind of house light that would help? thank you
  2. if at all possible, try to get an addtl 80 watts(another floro setup) you need atleast 150 watts minimum, and to answer your other question, about the only other house bulb you can probably use will be the twistie compact floros.

  3. Anway, 80w of Flouro is just about enough to get you 1/4 to a half ounce per plant, however this is very dependant upon the variety you are growing, and your skills, which appear to be zero at the moment. Is the light a cool blue or a warm red? Red is better.
    I suggest getting a couple of those compact flouro bulbs, and adding them to the mix, alongside the main cola for example. This will help to increase your yield.
    Do NOT use halogen or other incandescent light, it'll just burn your plant
    I'm on week 3 with a 1100Lumens flouro, yielding around 2.5-3 grams so far (though i'm just guessing from experience). Quite a nice little strealth grow.
    That said, if you yield a half ounce over 8 wks, you can be pretty pleased with yourself.

    Now play nice.

  4. ya i was using the same set up as you are, and i got my plants to a foot each. I was also going to add and additional 80w tooo but the smell got in the way and i had to put em outside. I would say just to get another set of bulbs, 80w additional and do a practice grow that will get u some respectable bud. And for flowering i would use 2 cool white and 2 warm white or maybe 3 warm and 1 cool its up to you.
  5. The more watts you can use the better. But if using fluoros I have found that all my buds come out light and wispy. But the smoke is good enough to get stoned on. If I were you I'd add at least another 80 watts on top and if you can swing it get some compact fluorescents. They go for three for 15 bucks. Get the 23 watters. They put out an outsyanding 1750 lumens per bulb. The problem is you need to use at least 3 or really go all out and go spend 30 bucks and get 6. You will be adding over 10,000 lumens to strategic areas of your plant. You can almost touch the plants to these bulbs. You will get a far greater return if this technique is used. Remember keep the fluorescent lights as close as possible .So for 50 bucks more I think you will have a decent shot at some better smoke than you'll be getting. If you dont upgrade ,well I'm sorry but 80 watts of fluorescents isn't going to give you much of anything, basically a waste of your time.... sorry.

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  6. Im no pro grower but just guessing from my experience, 80w of floros is going to give you, if you lucky one bud! LOL.

    Now I know you said these are the only bulbs you can use.

    But......that said there are other options.

    41" floro tube set up will only set you back $10 for the assembly and two bulbs. Put two 45w grow bulbs or some 40w warm whites in and you will be on your way.
  7. heres the thing, do NOT waste money or time on growing with 80 watts of light. And deffinately do NOT waste money on those aquarium/grow tubes, they are a rip-off!!! If you want to get serious and are on a budget, go get another 4 footer and put a warm white, and a cool white in each setup, this with the bulbs will cost about $20 if you can not do it, do not bother man, the risk will outway the yeild IMHO.
  8. you guys are wrong my seedling is growing real good and when i can lower the plant a bit more i'm gonna add two more flo's
  9. I use floros for seedlings as well and they do smashing under there, but that is as far as they will go, seedlings. It is not possible to get GOOD results under 80 watts of low intensity light. I have been doing this for awhile and I KNOW I am not wrong, and have results to vouch for me..... where are yours mr. Bo????

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  10. Take our advice and do something. Even if you add 160 watts of fluoros you ain't gonna get much. I grow vegetatively using 320 watts of fluoros. I get the plants nice and tall; 28 inches + and then and only then do they go in the flowering chamber. The fluorescent lighting just doesn't give off the intense light that the plants need for good budgrowth. You need a high source of LUMENS in the right spectrums in order to get optimum results in yield and potentcy.Grown with poor lighting the cannabis plant flowers very lightly,if at all!!!
  11. Fluro is good.

    Each tube puts off 10 watts per linear foot. So a dual
    tube set will give you 20 watts per square foot. You need
    at least 30 and preferrably 40 watts psf to get any worthwhile
    growth. The main advantage is no heat problems or worry about burning your sugarbabies. The leaves can touch the bulbs and not fry. Try surrounging the plant(s) with a setup on each corner. This will require 4 dual tubers and give you about 80 watts psf. This will allow the plants to grow without having to constantly rotate them for proper exposure.

    Flower your plants when they are about 12" tall. Use the 'sea of green' technique. The plant will be almost one big bud.
    You also need about 1 gallon of grow material (soil) per foot of plant at maturity.

    It will take longer to get the plants to maturity. The buds will not be big and fat, but they will be as good quality as the seeds will allow.

    Takes about 140 days from sprouting to harvest. Get a good magnifying glass and look at the resin glands. When they become mushroom shaped and begin turning amber color, it is ready to pluck.

    If you just take off the buds and go back to 24 hour lighting, the plant will go back into vegetative state and you can do another harvest from the same plant. It will (surprisingly) take as long for the second harvest and the smoke will be a little weaker, but interesting to watch.

    Good luck. Growing your own is a rewarding experience.
  12. you do perpetual harvests? nice:D
  13. anyone notice it gettin a little chilly in here...

  14. NOW HERES A MAN that knows what he's talking about haha

  15. Nope i dont think it is

  16. Well thank you anyways
  17. never said you were stoopid Bo, the fact that it is still living tells me otherwise, you said that. I wish you only the best and hope those floros get you all you want man, i was only tryting to help you as i feel it is my god given duty to share my gift, again best wishes bo.

    your not the only person that goes to this site and reads and writes forums

    That would be pretty boring huh??? :)
  18. damn what is it with all these negative waves around the grow forums recently, we all grow, surely we can all be adults and be positive, and help each other out..........? is this your first grow?........if so i'm here to help you out, as is shade as well, other growers will try to help too, but the petty arguements have to stop, both of you's are above this, it's not about who can grow the most is the best grower etc, and have pics to prove it, it's all about helping someone grow, by giving them pointers on things that have been done and failed and done and if at the mo that's the best lights you got, then give it a bash, and add some more fluros later, but i think you'll end up with a very lanky plant, that may need supported to bud, and even with added fluros, i think it mat be too late..............if you ever get a HID light, then you'll be able to compare the 2 grows together, and see the diffrence, take notes on it........rate of growth. number of nodes, fert?.......etc, and learn from one is ever expected to get good/if any buds from there first grow, i keep logs on mine and learn from all my mistakes, and in time yield has increased.............good luck and get some pics up so we can see how it's going and maybe help you get better buds with the equipment that you have.................Peace out..........Sid

  19. yes everything is fine now and thanks for your help and for you future help aswell i will be posting pics soon once i get this camera
  20. well u cant beat this....learning AND getting some light entertainment at the same time...

    by the way, HE started it...hehehe

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