Some1 ever ruiend your high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Depp, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. happend to me, a few yars ago a kid was trying to steal parts from my bike, i was just 10 meters away and when i got there baked, i didnt realize what he was doing until he was running so i had to chase him and get him to my house with my bike, there he almost fixed it
  2. happens to me a lot.........especially people who laugh uncontrollably........its a huge buzzkiller to have to get in to a fight.............
  3. I hate people who start to having a paranoia trip while I'm high.
  4. yeh if i blaze people that dont smoke a lot and they act way to wild, thats a good way to kill a high
  5. yea.. my dad hates smoking pot, and me and my buddy didn't wanna walk outside, because my dad would see us, so we just fired it up in my room, and he came in and busted us, it scared the fuck outta me, and him too he didnt get as mad as i expected but it killed our buzz.
  6. My 2 friends and I decided to go smoke in my backyard and then go to this store. When we go there my friend who smoked more than me at that time got soooo paranoid that his mom was following him and she was trying to catch him...

    We rush back to my house. He drops me off to pick up my car. Im driving as fast as i can back to my house cause i thought he was serious. I get to my house I turn off my car and jump out. I forgot to put the car in park. I jump back in the moving car to put it in park. Than I go inside when he decides to go home. He gets home and his fucking parents are sleeping.
  7. yeah ~ the old man when he thinks we "need to talk" WTF!?!?!?!? can't it wait till later lol i hate that shit!
    toke on :smoke:
  8. i was smoking with a friend and she brought one of her friends.. and this girl hadn't smoked more than few times in her life and she got so excited and hyper that she pissed her godamn pants man.. killed my high..
  9. It can happen to me for many reasons (I guess thats why I have to have things "just right" when I smoke). But the one that kills it the most is drunk people. I can't stand to be around most drunks when I'm sober, but if I"m high, I get really pissed and because I just pretty much wasted my weed.
  10. a friend? ruining a high? oh no, never. haha
  11. idiots who take one mouth hit and pass all other rounds, idiots who fake their highs, and idiots in general
  12. what kills my high the most is when other people will look at you and be like "oh man you are soooo f*cked up!" even if im not...i remember reading somewhere that calling attention to that is bad stoner ettiquite...does this bother anyone else?

  13. Oh yeah. And I hate it when people fake their drunk it ruins everything. lol
  14. My one friend always becomes a pompous prick when he's high.. He's really cool when hes sober though.

  15. people like that suck, ive smoked with a few people like that, and just never did it again. im always smoking with new people, but i smoke with my best friend, my girlfriends, and another female friends regularly. everyone else seems to be a one time thing.

  16. I'm here for you, man. :D
  17. i dont get drunk much anymore so when everyone gets drunk ill smoke a joint and have a beer. Thats when i notice how dumb drunks are.
  18. i don't think my high's ever really been killed. i was gonna say my 1st encounter w/the cops last week. but i realized i never really got worried when it happened. i wasn't in a good mood or enjoying the situation, but i was a lot more relaxed than i would've been if i was sober. i was chillin. but that definitely toned down my high to a dull buzz.

  19. man half the time that hapens I am really fucked up....and it just makes me'm fucked now!

  20. lol i do the same thing IF i go to the bar its to lmfao @ the drunkards! :p
    toke on :smoke:

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