some weird shit that happened last night (long story)

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    Hey guys,
    I was dry for a few days, so I decided to buy a bit more than usual because I had a bit of extra money. I decided to buy 2 oz. because I don't have to worry about people snooping through my weed. I went for the 2 oz because I would save more money over time, and I just bought a new bong that I'm loving right now. So I wanna hit a lot of weed from it over this next little while.
    Then I texted some of my dealers asking if they had 2 oz. but they were all pretty dry at the moment. So after asking if i could get a number for someone else. and dealing with a few more shady people I got a sketchy guy saying he could get me 2 ounces of fire for 250$ and i was like ok. So after an hour of him telling us to drive different places, and then cancelling the place cause he was sketched or something. And me and my friend Roger getting really fed up, he met us at a mcdonalds. This goofy looking fuck pulls up in aBack to the future looking DeLorean! I look in his window and hes wearing a purple suit and pimp hat. I thought i was being punk'd or some shit. Like what the fuck lol. He tells us to hop in, so i have to slide the passenger seat forward to let Roger in. we get in and hes like "got that 325$?" and we're like fuck no you said 250$. then hes like ok well i can only get you 1 then for 250.
    Then after a bit he was like "no im just kidding. 250's good. "
    So we were sketched and peaced out.
    Then when we got to my place, I weighed it out and it came up as 2.8 oz.
    Its fire shit too.

    So after a sketched night. I got to lay back and blaze a few bowls. So it was okay . but Im just gonna stick to guys i know for now when i need weed.
  2. ALl i read was the parts you bolded for me...

    2 ounces of fire


    and Delorean

    Mustve been a crazy fuckin night
  3. lol he robbed somebody for that and jhjust wanted to flip it quick, dont fuck with him again hes into the trigger shit
  4. Lmao he ended up giving you 2.8 after hassling you for money just for the 2.. Maybe he was just fucking with you haha, I've given a kid an 1/8 before instead of the dub he wanted without saying anything. He loved me after that..
  5. I wanna toke with that guy in his delorean!
  6. The dude is pimpin in a Delorean and gave you extra weed. Become his friend.

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