some weird shit on the affects of drug-dosed spiders

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    this is a spider's web after a dose of LSD.


    here's one on mescaline.



    here's a spider's web after a dose of hash.


    and heres one on caffiene


    here's what they're supposed to look like, this is a drug-naive spider.


    crazy shit, yeah? :smoke:
  2. That's some crazy shit man.. Is it the same spider every time? thats alot of drugs for one spider haha:smoking:
  3. i wanna see a drunk spider spin a web
  4. hahah nah dude i'm pretty sure they wouldn't do ALL of that to the same single spider.
    that would take one crazy ass fucking spider.

    i'm pretty sure they just take like 5 of the same exact species, age, condition, sex, etc..
    (btw, i just realized that's where science comes in from high school! with all that independent variable shit... yeah dude feels good to remember that!)
    excuse my high.
  5. I like how caffeine's the worst of them all.
  6. lol at the hash web, looks like he did half but got over it cuz he was allstoned.
  7. Seen this a long time ago with Stumble, but I find it great that the LSD Spider spun such an artistic web, as compared to the caffeine web that's all fucked up, because he sketched out all over the place.

    Then again, caffeine to a spider, is like meth to a human.
  8. Yeah I read the study and used it as part of senior project for high school. I'm in cali:D very liberal. Anywho, in the report they said that on the optimal dose of LSD (not too much) the spider actually made a more geometrically perfect web than the one that was not given anything. Everytime. Pretty trippy.

    Edit: poor spider on caffeine cannot concentrate for shit.
  9. Wow, did the search button break? (that includes the video posted thats been posted almost as many times as those "favorite movie to watch stoned?" threads....

    It is interesting, its just old, and a very repetative subject. I think they had one or two more pictures from other drugs too...
  10. sorry about that, was just very stoned and impressed after the first time i came across it.
    so impressed i just made a thread. didn't think to search.

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