Some weird shit happened tonight...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wrestlir1139, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I was at home ripping my volcano. just a few bags when my friend called me saying he was with two other friends who I knew. They came over and we all deuce my volcano with the green. We smoked about 10 bags total between 4 of us. Then we had two more. Also we were using 5 foot bags.

    Well, When one of my friends took a huge rip out of the bag, he held it in and closed his eyes and looked up he made a soft groan and was zoning out. He stumbles and falls back on his ass and slams his back against my wall. Then he just sat there for like 10 seconds. We were all just like :confused::eek:. Then he woke up after 10 seconds, and he was like so freaked out of what happened.

    He told us he thought he was getting into a car and when he went to sit down in the car is when he fell and he thought he sat in the car. Then he woke up.

    It was weird and pretty funny too. We smoked a lot, and had a good time. Then we got food, and they had to leave. I just thought I would share...
  2. For some reason when you said "deuced the volcano" I pictures putting crap in it......:confused_2:
  3. haha no we split the bowl. That made me literally lol.

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