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Some weed at my local coffeeshop is REALLY dry...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnny Cash, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Like really bone dry., when you crumble it up, it sounds like you're crumbling up dry leaves (but there are no leaves on it). I like this weed, but is it usually a good or a bad sign if the weed is really dry?
    It also crumbles up very easily. It's doesn't fall apart just by touching it but you can crumble it very easily.
  2. Dry bud means it was dried out longer than normal, or it has been off the plant for a while. In my experience, it doesn't matter. I had this bud that was fresh off the drying stage, still wet, and it didn't get me as stoned as it usually does. I had Maui Wowie back home one time that just crumbled to the touch, and it was the dankest weed I had ever had. At times, this was reversed, so it just depends on the strain.

  3. It just means that it has been harvested, dried, and probably cured a while ago depending on what it was stored in. It is usually a lot harsher the drier it gets. I guess it is personal preference though, but I like buds to have some moistness to it and be very sticky :smoke:
  4. Being dry doesn't mean it's bad. It just means that it's dry lol.
  5. Just throw an orange peel in a bag with your bud for a bit and it will freshen right up
  6. It was pretty harsh but I'm used to some harshness, I usually smoke weed with tobacco but I smoked this through a bong.
    I smoked some more of it last night and it is some pretty awesome weed. It won some kind of award, I can't remember the name. The weed is called NLX and stands for Nortthern Lights X. Because it won the award they have it on sale now so I've been buying this strain for about 2 weeks.
    But the reason I asked this is because I was always under the impression that if the weed is cured for too long, the trichomes will fall of easier or just by themselves. But now I bought some really dry weed and it doesn't disappoint me.
  7. sometimes it can be a little harsher. But on the upswing, the dryer it is the lighter it is, so you may get more in your 1/8 than you would off the street. Not a whole lot more though.
  8. This ius true. The gram I bought yesterday is quite a bit larger than some of the other weed they sell.
  9. Heres a question

    will the dryness make it way less.....meaning you get more per purchase?
  10. that's what it seems like because the gram I bought yesterday was a lot larger than some grams of other strains I've bought there.
  11. worst idea. This turns your buds all damp and flexible. like the shitty damp you don't want where your buds wont break up.

    and i can always tell the shitty smell when epople put orange peels in with schwag to make it seem okay.

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