Some type of nute deficiency?? Help!!!

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  1. blue dream in flower. 135w QB. Browning noticed before LED install. (3 weeks into flower) she is now around 25 days into flower and the browning has gotten worse. I held back on tiger bloom nutes when I noticed the browning and just been feeding 6.5-7.0ph water. Run off around 6.2-6.5 so that's on point. She lacking nutes phosphorus or potassium? Could use some help I want her to make it. Ask me for more info or search out my other thread. Thanks in advanced. Think she can bounce back? At least 40 days till harvest.
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  3. Are you certain your ph meter is correct? It screams ph issue to me its the only time i had leaves that ALL looked like these from top leaf to the bottom... once i figured out my pen was gunny bags she "recovered" but harvest weight was way down..,
  4. Classic ca/mg.

    What kind of water are you using and what are you adding for ca/mg and how much?

    Once corrected, new growth will be green.
  5. I'm not using cal mag. Using filtered water from a brita. Ph up or down to adjust. And I hope my meter is correct it cost $40.

  6. So, the Brita pretty much only filters out particulates. The carbon in it depletes pretty quickly - but it's better than nothing. If there is ca/mg in your water, it wouldn't be removed by it - so that's not the issue.

    Most municipalities will post their water quality analysis and you might be able to find out what your water's hardness is. If you really want to do it right - bring a water sample down to a pool store and they will test it for free. You can just say that you're curious about your water's hardness. Knowing this will help you figure out how much to supplement.

    If you were using RO water, then you'd get a ca/mg additive like CaliMagic and just mix to the instructions. But, since you have SOME ca/mg in your tap water already, and we don't know how much - it'll be a bit of a guessing game as to how much to give them.

    I would suggest getting a ca/mg supplement - CaliMagic has worked great for me - and start using it at 1/4 of the recommended strength for a week. Then see if the new growth looks good.
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  7. Ordered calmag. Comes on Monday. Thought I had everything I needed to be a marijuana chemist. Add one more to the list. Think there's a good chance for recovery??
  8. My other thought is that she's been doing just fine all this time up until the browning was noticed. At one point during my tiger bloom feedings I forgot to up the PH. (Nute drop gal of water to 4.2) I'm sure that might have something to do with what's going on. It was my last feeding actually when I did that. And since then she's been just getting water for 2 weeks.
  9. My meter was only off for two feedings during a dwc grow when my leaves turned almost over night so i tried to calibrate my meter reveling my new meter was junk, i now keep ph strips around although these days i grow organic...
  10. I'll prob pick up some strips and see if my meter is off. Idk how to calibrate it. Came to me cal at 7.0
  11. It's either the pH range being off OR using filtered or RO water which has been stripped of vital micronutrients the plants need. If you're using a cheapo pH meter, toss it into the trash. You can't depend on them and you'll be better off to use the pH up/down drops kit than those. If you want one that works, spend your money and get a BlueLab. They're a little under $100 but well worth it because they work right every time. But this looks more to me like the RO water has robbed them of the micronutrients they need. Use plain tap water. We don't treat our water with chlorine in the U.S. anymore. They switched to chloramine and it will not harm your plants. We've used tap water for years with no negative effects. TWW
  12. one should store your ph pen in a storage solution some contend it stays wet enough with just the cap, i calibrated my pen once every two weeks, some do it more often, do a search on how to calibrate your pen online most arethe same but some you use a small screwdriver some are auto calibrate while in a known ph calibration solution..
  13. Yea mine came with the solutions but I only read the directions briefly and since it was set to go from a 7.0 calibration I tossed the solutions.... idiot. But hey it might not be a bad meter. Reads my tap water at a 6.9-7.2 which seems about right no?
  14. So, pH meters need a 2 point calibration. We use pH 4 and pH 7 solutions to calibrate those 2 points - the meter makes a graph of a line between those 2 points and any pH reading between them will be very accurate. below 4 and above 7 the calibration begins to drift. If you only calibrated to one point, pH 7, then your meter is only accurate at exactly pH 7. In either direction your readings will be less and less accurate.
  15. Another suggestion - you can continue using the Brita, but still, I would recommend letting your water sit out for 24 hours to off gas any chlorine (assuming you don't have chloramines). The Brita will only be useful for a handful of gallons of water before the carbon in it is depleted. Any chlorine in the water can bind to your nutrients, locking them out.
  16. This is not true. Most of the US still uses chlorine to purify their water. Do some research.
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  17. Agreed
  18. Yea my city water uses chlorine. I have calmag coming tomorrow I will be giving her.

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