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Some times you have to go with the flow..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. A friend of mine was having a cook out.. There were a couple of girls (one 21 and the other 25) who had never smoked..

    After taking a few hits... These girls got relaxed and ready for partying.. After eatting to cure the munchies and the toking a little more, they decided to stir up us guys a bit.. They did a little dancing and shacking their asses till we begged for them to stop.. They had a great time (as well as us guys..)

    It just shows that pot makes us enjoy life a little more..

    Now these babes want to smoke more...

    You never know when your going to have a chance to get a first timer high!
  2. ya cant beat that witha stick :D a few tokes for a coupla lapdances........boy you got off cheap.
    *wishes i could hook up a first timer.i could sure use a
  3. I can pretend to be a first time for ya.. I do believe I can do a good back rub..

  4. after allll this time you think i wouldnt know the difference ;)
  5. Oh how i love cook outs... Over past summer in cleveland, my buds and i would have a cook out almost every night in my backyard. Pork ribs and chicken, mmm...We lacked the girls giving us lap dances though :( But just chilling with a blunt in one hand, and a peice of BBQ chicken in the other, sure is nice...

  6. Only if that is what you really want know... Sometimes it's better to just belive than really know...

    You know what I mean!!!!!!
  7. It's been awhile since I got to turn a newbie on to the good herb. NeverToked was the last, but she hasn't been around in awhile...

    Smoking with newbies kicks ass though! I love getting someone high for the first time. :)
  8. at the beginning of this summer I was getting a lot of newbies high. I miss smoking and introducing people to the fine herb.
  9. It's also an added pleasure for it to be fine looking people of the opposit sex!!!!!

  10. Yeah, it was lots of fun with my girl, but not the actual "getting high" part, haha.. See, I used a bong where you'd clear it by sliding out the bowl and inhaling... Lets just say, such a simple sounding task can be quite troublesome with a high first timer...
  11. Some times you have to go with the flow..


    i got my best friend in the world high her first time... it was very... funn, we definately went with the flow ;) that girl is amazing

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