Some theories I thought of in the shower

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  1. Time theory: Time is composed of instances, for example, if I lay a card down (card=instance), then I rip it up and lay another one down. By this theory, it proves that time travel is impossible because the past no longer exists and the future hasn't happend yet so we can only travel in the instant that we exist in.

    Universal/God theory: Science says that a being such as a "god" is most likley improbable. However, every event has a cause (a swing is pushed) and every cause has a cause. So if the universe had a beginging (big bang), there must have been a prime mover, which if the universe did have a begining, I beleive that this "prime mover" would be the closest to "god". However the "prime mover" can only exist if the universe had a begining, meaning that if the universe was ever present, this means that at any given moment, an eternity has passed. And also that if there is a "god", it must hold the universe for every instant that passes by.

    Dimension theory: Should other dimnesions exist, I beleive that the best way to explain them is as different frequencies, like a radio. You stay where you are, but you "tune in" to a different frequency.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I never really thought about that first theory, but i've thought about the second one plenty of times. I agree though.

    If the big bang is what created earth, what created the big bang? What created the rocks and gas that the scientists claim was already there, who put them there? If there is a real god, who created him? Who's the god behind god? Damn life is fuckin tripped out man....
  3. I used to get scared when I was like six because I kept on thinking about eternity and time before that, etc. Now it just trips me out.
  4. Yeah man I know what your sayin...I used to think about the exact same thing, maybe most kids do??? All I know is that yeah, it used to scare the fuckin jebus out of me but now, when you have them smokeouts, and you and a few friends are in a nice circle, passin around a blunt, its fun to talk about theories and life and all kind of shit like that. I find its a lot easier to debate while wasted.
  5. like...

    how can you say where living in the present if when you already say it its already past.
  6. About the big bang I think that it might just be a never ending loop.

    If there are black holes, then eventually everything will end up being sucked into the largest black hole out there(albeit over a looong period of time). Once there is nothing left to suck kin then the blzack hole may suck itslef into itself or something, and BANG everything is all over the fucking place again, only to start the whole cycle over again. something like that.
  7. No no no.....What you forgot to think about, was....Where does everything dissapear to when its sucked in a black hole? The world is a trippy fuckin place man...I gotta stop thinkin so much
  8. i think of time as the passage of events.
    humans can call these events time.

    but we can never really appreciate all the events/changes that happen with the passage of time.
    *our* minds cannot comprehend the events/changes to the fullest.

    similar to the infinite possibilties of divisions of mathematically "numbers",
    time has infinite changes ,ALL cannot be fully known by us.

    we can only use our "time", the present to the fullest.

    as for the god theory ... well...
    i don't think the big bang should be used in your theory.
    the 'big bang' IS a theory.
    some poeple believe that there is no end and no beginning of TIME.

    similarly, the existence of god merely as the cause for the universe's existence as we know it ...well i don't believe in such ignorance.

    use what you have ... and what you only have ... your mind.
    always try to keep an open mind.
    never stop THINKING.
  9. I tend to agree with that guy who talked about the loop thingy. The universe will fall in on it self over quadrillions of years as more blackholes form and get compressed into the point where it is so small that the particles push into particles then molecules then atoms then electrons then quarks then uh (Mr. johnson what are quarks made of?) any way you get the picture and then when theres no where to go "exsistance go boom". Well I'm off to take a shower and think of other crazy shit .PEACE.
  10. KILLGAB, if that past message you posted was directed towards me, then let me correct you. I did not come up with a theorie, my statement simply observes every theory ever made up, which means its basically just a never-ending question. I never technically stated a theory though. So that part of your post didnt really make sense to me.
  11. "theories i thought of in the shower"
    .... a theory is an idea ... something you think about
  12. killgab I wanna hit you in the face dude....hehe

    I stand by my last statement %100

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