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  1. me and my friend are gonna start a grow (4-5 plants) in his basement crawlspace..... first question:
    i need a good light that is affordable
    2nd: its in a crawlspace so there arent any outlets, we need some kind of power source for the light. neither of us have ever grown, and we want good bud with a high yield, strain reccomendations would be appreciated

    the plant ive had my eyes on is white label bubblegum g13/hashplant, heres a pic, i wanna know what you all think

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  2. See my post for PS2 Man for a light source

    You are going to have to run a heavy duty extension cord if you don't have any power.

    Crawlspace? You will need at least 4 to 5 feet of height to grow. Will that fir in your crawlspace?

    Top 44, Durban Poisan, Northern Lights are the Grascity recommendations for newbie growers. Hint - they are cheap to buy as seeds and quick and easy to grow, and they take a lot of punishment.
  3. theres plenty of room in the space, and i need to know a good online seedbank that has those seeds, preferably based in the us
  4. Uh i don't think theres any seed banks in the states... i'm not for sure though. The closest bank you will find is in canada.
  5. No luck in finding a USA seed bank. Seedsdirect and Heaven's Stairway are two of the best that ship into the USA
  6. alright, thanks for your help..... any suggestions on a good light thats not too expensive?
  7. seeing that you guys are younger and dont have much room or money./.. flourosecent lights cool ones... keep them close to your plants around 100 wats per plant so keep taht in mind when shopping... another thing... you mite not want to leave theses plants in some ladies house (your mojms ) cuz they will stink up your hole house and they will kno whats goin down... i suggest doing what i did when i was younjger and growing in my moms house... start them inside and then move them outdoors... just a thought hit me ack if u need any more info
  8. Ave.

    For an experiment, (yea right ;-) ) I am growing with two 40 watt CW flourescent tubes... and so far, Ive had good results, I think its been in veg for little over one month, lost count... but it has worked thus far, just another testamonial from a real live Geico customer...

    Ave atque vale.

    (pictures can be found on page two of indoor growing (early pics) newer pics are posted under my threads... jsut to show how they look grown under flouros)

    hope you do well. dont fuck your mas life up though...bad karma for sure. we are not trying to help the blue dress dudeck fuck heads. if you know what I mean
  9. my friends basement is whats called an "old michigan basement" its more of a cellar, so its not really like part of the houses ventilation/air conditioner so i dont know if itll smell in the house, and we're growing in the winter, and probably if that works out we'll grow there like all the time and we're gonna grow alot outside way out in the woods at a good spot near a stream in the summer, so we'll have a good supply for us and our friends (not telling the friends how its acquired though :p)
  10. hmm... old michign basement ay.
    Im quite familiar with those 'old michigan basements'... Im working in one right now....and it does appear that it would work quite niceley, unless its tied in to the floor by any type of venting. And since you mention forest, I am assuming you are pretty far up...if so, i dont think youll have any trouble with that...
  11. im not very far up, im pretty much in mid michigan, but my friend lives way the hell outta town so theres no trouble there either
  12. Mid michigan is far better than detroit though...

    Im way the hell past the big mack.... almost had the first frost last night...gettin cold. Good luck with the grow. hope its insulated. the basement your growing in that is.

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