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  1. Hey all, been stalking the site for awhile and reading up on outdoor growing. So this has been my first successful ( so far) grow and I have a few questions. My girl is about as tall as me, 5'11. She's in a five gallon pot, topped multiple times and is doing great. I'm located upstate and I'm wondering how far along in flowering she should be? Currently all of the tops of the branches are Densly packed with new leaves/ shoots and have little hairs on all the nodes, but that's about it :/. Also she's in very rich all organic soil and recently a small amount of cow manure for food. I've noticed some yellowing on the lower fan leaves and im wondering if this is a burn from the manure? Any feedback is good feedback in my book, so speak your mind!
  2. Nothing? Haha
  3. Yes I have a thought. If the cow shit was not composted the it way way to hot. Get it out ASAP. It cannot be food for the plant until it is composted.
  4. It's pretty old cow crap haha I live on a farm and it's from like february. Also I started the plant indoors under some CFLs in march and bow the main stem is like an inch around and wooden, is that normal? All my buddies plant have some thickness to the stem but nothing like mine?
  5. I have answered this Q on yellow leaves during flowering twice yesterday. Here it is again.

    This is a normal process when budding. The fan leaves are no longer able to bring needed nutes to the top of the plant and the fan leaves and other bottom leaves will fall off. The green leaves that are left are the only leaves on the plant that are still using photosynthesis. When the fan leaves and other bottom leaves start to go yellow its a good time to star foliar feeding as the plant will put the needed nutes where it most needs them...IN THE BUDS.
  6. Ok thanks man I was just worried I was burning her. Another question I know you guys hate but I gotta ask, I'm leaving for college in 19 days and I know she's not gunna finish by then, but my dad has agreed, after some negotiating, to harvest for me. This is a bag seed plant and even though she pretty tall for an indica the leaves are pretty short and fat. Could I get a rough estimate of when she'll be ready? I'm about 25 minutes south of albany ny if that helps. Thanks.
  7. And what abOut the stem question I put up there? that suckers thick.
  8. Cant say but lots of strains take about 8 weeks to finish.
  9. CFLs are your problem.
    Im guessing they werent very close to the seedlings?
    They will have streched for more light if the seedling werent close enough, so when its all leggy from streching its prone to topping over and thats PROBABLY why its has grown thick.
  10. The lights were about 3 inches from the top of the plant from the begining of march till when I put her out about halfway through April, she was pretty bushy and had two main stems from topping. She was doing poorly at first because I was in a hurry and used soil from under a pine but once I got her in the composted soil she took off and that 3cm stem turned into a tree trunk lol.
  11. Hey pogmohoin I think you are gonna be repeating that a lot in the next couple weeks.
  12. Haha I've been reading that the leaves die off in flowering but I just didn't know it would happen this early as I've only just started noticing pistils. Annd It just happened to start 2 days after I fed her manure which led me to believe I burned her.
  13. Give straight water if your worried, nothing wrong with a good flush.

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