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  1. so i know metal halide bulbs are ideal for vegetative and high pressure sodiums are best for flowering.. but can you use MH for flowering? would it be worth switching to HPS?

    do a couple fans in a small closet cause enough airflow for a plant to get CO2?

    also, correct me if I'm wrong but I think I heard somewhere that as buds get older during flowering, the pestils get a little brown on the tips and that's normal. I'm seein it on a couple of my baby's pestils and I don't like it, is it anything to worry about?

    thanks for your time
  2. hello there, as for the lights you HPS is a must, you can vegetate and flower with a hps bulb but you can only vegetate and not flower with a MH bulb, ok MH bulb is a little better for vegetation but vegetating with HPS is nothing bad tho, lets say if you vegetate with MH 4 weeks, you will have the same resoults vegetating with HPS 5 weeks.

    As for the pistils, yes its perfectly normal for pistils to get brown at end of grow, when pistils turn brown 80 % then your plant is ready for harvest, however if you see black pistils, thet is very bad, gl.
  3. if the closet door isnt open or there isnt air exchange going in and out of the room the fans are only keeping the temps down, they arent producing co2. cut a hole in the floor, or open the door. or otherwise a good air exchange would be to open the door every hour, but it would be easier to cut a hole in the floor :hippie: then again im laaaaazzzyyyy.

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