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Some questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nortoke, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Hi. I have a few questions that I either need some advice/sensible answers to. Let me begin by telling you a little about myself without going too far into detail. I'm 21, currently living in Norway (marijuana is very frowned upon here), studying to become an offshore mechanic. I also have a part/sometimes full-time job as a salesman at a local consumer-electronics store.
    For the past two years I've noticed that marijuana not only brightens my mood, but also helps me cope with other aspects of life (I had a less than enjoyable childhood), in addition to social anxiety, depression and other psychological issues I may have picked up. Not only for the duration of the high, but also for 24-48 hours after (some sort of after-effect of each smoking session).
    My biggest problem about this today is that my mother has bad experience with "narcotics" in general as her brother (my uncle) has been involved in both soft/heavier drugs for the most parts of his life. So what I'm wondering is;
    1. How does one (if possible) change a parents mind about marijuana? In my eyes it's not a drug, it's a natural plant that does little to no harm compared to its positive effects.
    2. Smoke undetected if solution no. 1 is impossible (As I believe it is in my case.)
    3. Does anyone know if it's easy to get a dutch perscription (Holland/Netherlands) for marijuana when related to issues like anxiety/depression? (According to European laws you may import 30g/trip for this purpose if you get a perscription. Main reason I'm asking this is that marijuana, irregardless of its quality, starts off at 25$/gram here and I cannot sustain a long term use at this street price.
    I probably have more questions than this to be answered but this is all I can think off from the top of my head, and I will appreciate any relevant answers to either of my questions :)

  2. Move out of your moms and grow your own. Then you win dude. You can grow quality meds and you don't have to go very far to get some good seeds. You can grow strains that help with anxiety and depression and suit your tastes and needs. Aside from that getting a prescription out of country sounds really difficult.

    You can show your mom grannys list and if that doesn't change her mind she's doomed forever to believe the propaganda.

    Youcan smoke undetected if you don't smoke in your house. It's pretty simple. If you think it's worth the risk smoke in your room and blow it out the window with a sploof. You're better off outside though, i would never chance it with my parents when i lived with them.

    Now that i've moved out i've done a couple closet grows and now i can grow quality meds and don't have to pay out the wazooo on the streets for lower quality.

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