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  1. I have read alot and see like an unwritten rule about 100w per plant so 1000w = 10 plants right. My question is what is good number for sea of green with 7x7x7 area and 1000w hps?
  2. As many as you can fit under the 1000W's primary coverage area.
  3. Come on guys help a brotha out
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    Why do we talk watts? Lumens vary by quite a lot depending of the type of bulb.
    you can have 200watt of incandescent light for a plant and that's not enough

    Why cant we set a rule in lumens? Lumens are what counts.

    anyway since you're HPS, the issue is light coverage. Any plant getting good converage from that bulb will be a healthy plant. So, get tons of reflection to get a good spread. Maybe add some CFL on the edges if it's getting dim.
  5. Right on I am a newb indoors that is why im asking watts seem to be what i read.
    The guy at the local shop told me this bulb
  6. 2 600w lights would be better than one 1000w

  7. I was givin a switchable ballast kinda like this
    I belive the name is sun leave.
    Yes two would be better but lets use what i have first.
  8. i have a setup similar to yours, 5x5x8 room 1000w switchable with a 6" cooltube. i'm in the 3rd week of flower of my second grow. i spent the money on a 6" HO canfan and a can filter 66 and a gallon tub of ona gel as backup if needed anywhere. couldn't be happier with the results. low noise and no odors.

    i've been able to answer just about every question i've had by spending some time searching these forums. i have about a dozen 3'+ plants and i still get a kick out or seeing how much some of them grow from day to day.

    best of luck with your grow. you should have quite a haul if you filled up your entire area.
  9. you can just release the co2 yourselfi would just shot my fans off for while after you spray
  10. or even two 400w
  11. Thank you I love to sit on here and read alot of pros to help out me the avrage joe. Could not find much about cooling hood question. I was starting to worrie lol. +1 rep
  12. Should I start a new thread about what I could do if I were buying from scratch?
  13. Correct me if I am wrong But two 400w lights can not put out close to the amount of lumens as one 1000w
  14. it will be a little lower lumens but if your in a bigger area it would be better to have the two 400 or 600 w to spread the light over more area :smoke: but thats just a matter of opinion

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