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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zeke335, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I have my new plant on 12/12 lighting it's been 2 weeks. When should I expect flowering? after 4 weeks or after 8 weeks because of the 12/12 lighting set up?
  2. Anytime now I would have thought, usually start to show the first signs in a week to 10 days, only on my first grow myself, but have a rasta friend whos been at it for like 15 years, he's always told me a week to 10 days and you can normally see the first signs

    Good luck with it :bongin:
  3. Did you use 12/12 from the very beginning? If so the plant won't start to flower until it is sexually mature which takes a few weeks even if you start out on a flowering light schedule from the get go. That is from a plant from seed of course, cloning would be different since cuttings usually come from a plant that is already mature. If the plant was vegged first and it has been 2 weeks since you switched to 12/12 then I'm a little surprised it hasn't shown yet although 2 weeks to show sex isn't unheard of. I've found it usually takes a week give or take a few days.
  4. Some strains are different on flowering times, my bluebbery took 15 days to show 2 white hairs on the nodes and skunk was 9 days. It will show soon, what kind of light you using. I've got a 150 for a 2x2 area pefect for 4 plant setups.
  5. just remember dont count days til the budlets start to form, if your strain takes 8 weeks to flower dont count til they have started to bud.
  6. How long would it take a plant to sexually mature that I've had on 12/12 from the beginning? 8 weeks?
  7. Nah it should be ready to start flowering at about 4 weeks give or take.

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