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Some Question about Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by larlarlar, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Alright I am new to smoking so I have some questions. I recently bought an eighth for $60 from a guy. He said it has purple hairs in it and when you grind it you can see crystals. I have smoked it before and I got it really good. My questions are:
    1. Did I get ripped off? (He sells a g for $20)
    2. Does having purple hairs means it is purple haze?
    3. If it has crystals does that mean it is laced?
    4. I smoke using a pipe, do you need a grinder or will smashing it with your fingers work alright?
    5. Is an eighth enough to get 6 people high?
    6. How long will it take for it to get out of my system. I am applying for a job soon. (I have smoked 3 times)
    7. Any recommendations or comments?

    Feel free to laugh and point fun at my stupid questions. I am new.
  2. 1.if he sells 20 a gram you probably didnt get ripped off. i dont know how expensive weed is where you live but if its really good this is probably acceptable.
    2.nope, ive seen plenty of strains with purple hairs, or tint. i think purple haze just gets tossed around a lot because its a really well known strain. lol. you will never get laced bud unless you ask for it. end of story. if you think your bud is laced you are a failure.
    4.fingers work perfectly, although a grinder is a great bonus.;
    5.yeah especially if they dont smoke often.
    6.f you exercise alot, and drink alot of water, probably 2 weeks. give it a month to be 100%, but thats if you smoke like everyday.

    have fun. get a scale if your worried about getting ripped off and know that alot of people get ripped off their first few times buying weed. (I did)
  3. 1. No
    2. No
    3. No
    4. Either. I dont use a grinder for my pipe, I find it burns too fast.
    5. Thats almost .6 grams per person. It might, if they all have low tolerances.
    6. I think weed leaves your system after a month, but not if they do a hair test.
  4. From what I know...

    1. $60 sounds high for an eigth to me, but...probably not.
    2. Nah, sounds like that PURPLE K!! Haha
    3. Nope, those are the trichomes
    4. Just place it in there, after you've broken it up
    5. Maybe...if it's used wisely
    6. I think around a month, but I've heard people say a week...theres a sticky to pass a DT somewhere

  5. 1. Depends, it better have been pretty good which its sounds like it was but 60 seems alittle high to me b/c i dont generally belive ppl in bud quality b/c most ppl makes it seem better then it is

    2. No
    4.No just break it up with ur hands, Leave it as small buds it burns longer so dont break up too much
    5.Yes (not too many times though. an 1/8 gets afew ppl high a good amount of times
    6. Depends how recently the other 3 times where. Sounds like ur a kid though and most jobs dont acually drug test you so i wouldnt worry buot it

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