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Some Pineapple Express

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bigsaucybob, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Picked up a 1/2 oz of this. Smells great.



  2. nice man enjoy
  3. does it smell like god's vagina?

    nice buds btw, enjoy that shit :bongin:
  4. bastaard!! ahha enjoy it
  5. damn that looks dank! all i can find are beasters right now. so sad. almost harvest season though, means lots of dank around :smoking:
  6. whats the high like?

  7. I want to know this as well, sick bud, i am truly jealous right now, man thats a nice nug,
  8. amazing looking bud. looks legit for sure, enjoy.
  9. Dude there's trichs all over that thing
  10. whats a trich

  11. oh my.
  12. GTFO! JK:rolleyes:
    A trich is the "hairs" on the bud which was kind of obvious to figure out yourself :cool:

  13. no...its not... its what people call the "crystals" on the bud
  14. This... gentlemen is a trichome...

    Attached Files:

  15. Crystals and hairs are the same
  16. BAHAHA. sir, YOU dont even know what a trich is.

    or you just picked a horrid synonym.
  17. brrrrmpt.

  18. facepalm...
  19. Oh sorry, Did I have to give the actual definition of it?
    I was trying to be simple...

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