Some people in Mexico

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  1. I live up in Delaware and i just heard about some people in mexico getting robbed for like 180+ pounds... and everyone selling mid's up here is dry. Has that happened to anyone else around the area?
  2. Nah Maryland still had mids....and 180 pounds is nothing for Mexico....
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    No truly anywhere in the world you can get weed. Remember mids don't just come from mexico and plus 180 pounds is nothng when your talking about cartel status they get way more than 180 pounds tooken from them from the DEA.I bet that more than 180 pounds is smoked every day all around the world. Also lets say an ounce of mids at the most costs 2000$ I mean 16 ounces at 100$ would be 1600 but lets just say your getting extra charged. Anyways 180 x 2000= 360,000$.

    Fuck Im so ripped why did i just say all that.
    Hawaiian super kush for everyone.
  4. I'm not a mathematician but lets say... 7 billion people worldwide. Lets pretend 10% of the population smokes daily, thats 700 million daily. If they all smoked 1 gram (700 million / 28), I think that would be 25 million ounces of herb smoked a day. Take 25 million / 16 and thats about 1,562,500 pounds.

    If I fucked up my math please correct it :smoking:
  5. I stand corrected haha, it might just be my one little area, and everyone got it from someone linked up to those people in Mexico.
  6. Thats a lot of weed

  7. o rlly?

  8. At most 5-7% of world population smokes weed.
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    Yeah I don't know about that.

    Wikipedia answers: 20% of people smoke marijuana 45% say they would try it.
  10. For sure dude. When I was locked up there was 2 dudes in there for getting over 2000 pounds over the border. Bastards almost made it all the way to Oregon where they were headed :p Got busted maybe 2 hours from their drop.
  11. It's defiantly nothing, especially for Mexico. They find much more when they bust truckers too.

    Here's a Mexico bust for you!


    Have you ever even seen a fucking gold gun?


    These guys had every gun from AK47 for protection to gold covered for collecting. You even think of walking in this house with bad intentions and you aren't seeing your family again. There were exotic animals that would eat you alive walking around the house.

    And still when the biggest busts go down, we are smoking herb and buying our drugs. The governments are 100% aware that their war on drugs is not going to work, and increases problems.

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