Some of you might have to stop hating Republicans

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  1. What's that I smell.....bullshit, these guys are just being politicians, flipping on an issue that is costing and gaining votes depending on which side your on. Neither party likes the idea of legalization, its just now a race to see who can "support" this amazing brand new concept first so they can recieve votes.
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    Neither party likes legalization because they are owned by Big Pharma.....but it puts them on the fence because the Rx industry can't deliver the votes like ending their hard line on weed can....they see it coming, as well as all the taxes and commercial growth legal weed will bring....not to mention what hemp production will do.....
    Actually in Rand Paul's case, I think he believes it.  He, and his father, lean very much toward the Libertarian side of issues.  To them this is not something the federal government should have anything to do with.
    I tend to agree in the cases of Perry & Christie.
  4. I fear Rand is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Many ppl think him & his father share all the same views, but this isn't true. True Rand is prob a better choice then most but he is not his father.

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  5. Sorry, I cant edit from my phone.

    Legalization of weed is not that important compared to some of the shit our country(usa) is/has been going through. Yes maybe to uninformed voters & young ppl but in the grand scheme it is a non issue as States are moving foward with out federal approval.

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  6. As a medical user I will have to say. You are DEAD wrong. People are dying and the right to life is VERY important.  This country has loads of problems but dont down play the people who are being denied a better life.
  7. As a medical user I will have to say it is clearly a State issue as States have MMJ as where the Feds ended that under Bush Sr.(Adding new patients, not the program itself). Seeing how 2 States have legal recreational marijuana and Federally it is a Schedule 1 kinda screams State issue. Marijuana is on its way to legalization no matter what. The States are broke and needing new revenue sources. Seeing what CO and WA made in weed sales is making politicians mouths water.
    Our Economy collapsing, unending wars, loss of civil liberties, everyone being spied on, Fascism, rampant corruption, Inflation, rampant cronyism, selling our children's children into debt slavery, and so on.  All things that should come before where a candidate stands on legalizing weed.
    Where a Candidate stands on weed is almost as non issue as where they stand on abortion, its just a distraction. Example Bush Jr was against MMJ Obama is for it but under Obama more weed dispensaries have been raided by the feds then under Bush jr.
  8. Republicans? Me thinks you mean Neocons. It's all so corrupt. Better start thinking outside of this two party box, and quick.
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    Clearly a state issue? Not so much.
  10. These parties are broken on this issue.  Only a handful of politicians have the political skill to recognize that the majority of the public now supports the cause, and unforunately none of those politicians are of any prominence to whip their party to adopt the cause as their own.  The small Libertarian faction of the Republican party seem on board, but they have some other major flaws that prevent them from being nationally popular.  As far as populism is concerned the Democrat's quasi laissez faire attitude is the best you can hope for at the federal level so that states can independently grow this thing on their own to the point it becomes practically impossible to reign in, and attempts to do so would be wildly politically unpopular.  After that maybe the feds will release their grip on prohibition and step to the side. 
    In the meantime I would suggest people continue to vote for whatever paidoff crook they like the most and let the cause continue doing its thing.   Absolutely most important is that if something shows up on a ballot in your state, that you and your buddies and your girlfriends get out to the polls to negate teetotalling granny's no vote with a lot more yes votes.  The reason young people get out voted by their elders is because of participation, not population.  There are a lot more of us than them and it's time we take back what's ours.  If that shit shows up on your ballot, get registered, and block off your calendar.  Don't worry about the politician running for office, they are no good, they care about big money doners, they do not care about you, even Colorado's governor reluctantly signed the voter initiative into law, just make sure you and your peers get to the polls if it's on your ballot.  You have one job and this thing will eventually work itself out.

    When people are dying because they cant stop seizures this becomes a right to life.  Human rights are to be protected.  To quote the Declaration of Independence the right to life is one the government, state or other has no say over and if they try the people have a right to toss them out. time they went.    (We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness)     
  12. Im sorry, I thought Federally Marijuana was schedule 1 meaning no use for anything other then getting high(complete BS), yet STATES still have it legal for medical purpose and some have it for adults 21 and up. Seems like States rights FTW.
    See my first post about how its only an issue for either A) uninformed voters, or B) young ppl.
    If you are going to attempt a rebuttal please provide some substance and not just saying "nope your wrong". Persuade me, show me I'm wrong.
    Lol at him giving citations right above your post.
    Not on either side here but I did notice this and laughed. :smoking:
  14. Yeah, I didn't see that when I made my post. My point was where a presidential candidate stands on marijuana legalization is not even close to the most important issue. Its more of a distraction like their stance on abortion.
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    how far we have come from enforcing others' ideals. someone ( constitutional bros) comes up with something to adhere nationwide and leaves it to the folks down the pipe. well the pipe changes and so do ideals.
    If we can help one person stay living and in a health filled state from cannabis use that is enough reason to approach the cannabis with common sense and a sense to help humanity and their personal health. how many people saying, hey this plant stopped my seizures and I am in a healthy place because of it will it take for controlling factors to step in and help a bro ( generic for man and woman)out. most likely there are still good souls with good intentions associated with those who wrote the rules above in the declaration that have the power to put health- a mans health- over all else. or at least stop getting in the fucking way of our health.
    if it can make healthy and save but just one life ..................
    I agree, but there are sooooo many single-issue voters out there that can't see the forest for the trees.
  17. Ron is far better on this subject than Rand.

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