some of this evenings activities.

Discussion in 'General' started by HolyxXCrapp, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. rolled a j.
    its not a huge massive one but it does the job. specially with a packed bowl right next to it.
    hows your nights goin so far? :smoke:

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  2. Looks pretty damn good bro! Enjoy :smoke: My night = no weed 'cause I'm goin to eat downtown with some friends from highschool
  3. Welp, this is on my agenda:

  4. So? You can't blaze with them? Or just go out for a "smoke" and come back blazed :)

    My night will consist of me attempting to get away with a jamaican shower that I'm about to attempt...

    Oh yea and getting bitched at from my parents for wanting to move out this weekend and them telling me I can't do it, I'll just end up back here and in more debt that I'm in..

    Fuck that.

    Hey so I know this is really random -- but any tips on how to get away with a jamaican shower, perfectly?? Like i know a doob tube and a wet towel under the door, close the vents..

    It's been my experience that the smell that joints give off compared to bowls, the joints smell lingers longer... ??

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