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Some of the dank I've had over the last few years...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HighVibes, May 24, 2010.

  1. #1 HighVibes, May 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2010
    Sup GC, so I've never really post any pictures of my bud, so I thought it was about time. My shit isn't out of this world, and the pics aren't great, but hey its something.

    Some dankk, my dealer called it "Pot of Gold", $60 an 1/8

    Nug Shot

    My dealer called it bubblegum kush, but for some reason it was compressed, as if some dumbass decided to put bubblegum in a brick for distribution. I got it for a lower price though so I didnt really mind. It was still dank as hell though, the pic doesnt really do it justice but there were alot of crystals on it. $15 a gram

    Some high beasters, low dank.. for Ohio at least, lol. $40 an 1/8

    Nug Shots


    Some no-name dank. I believe I got this for about 80 a quarter.

    Nice dense nugs...



    From another batch of no-name. The picture isnt that great, but the light kinda makes the trichomes stand out. $20 a gram


    More no-name

    Some kief in the bowl..

    Just some mids: $30 a quarter

    More mids..

    These last couple of months however, I've just been smokin mids, well actually vaping now since I just got my Magic Flight Launch Box (I posted a review on it, check it out if you're curious. I'm also about to post a thread in Toking Tools for my homemade bong). But if I ever pick up some more dank I'll update the thread with some nugshots. Thanks for readin! :wave:
  2. No love GC? Dont mean to bump my thread, I was just hoping to get some feedback :rolleyes:
  3. Nice pickup man. Those mids look real good too.
  4. Thanks bro yea they're cheap and get the job done, lol
  5. I dont get it... some of the bud is pretty good dank and the pics are decent. why is thread dead after one post? sorry GC, I dont wanna seem like I'm starving for attention here, but this is my first post with pictures of my bud, I was hoping for a bit of a warmer reception, lol. are the pics too big or somethin?

  6. Messin with ya, u got good lookin buds.

    Eat a coney for me.
  7. bump, its been a while ;)
  8. its been a while, is it ok to maybe bump my thread?
  9. Diggin' it bro, nice ups.
  10. Hell for the prices you get it at, im sure it does the trick, maybe a bit stemmy in places is the only negative thing i can think to say

    nice pick ups man:smoke:
  11. Some of the no name dank you got looks really really nice...and even your mids look pretty damn nice for any mids ive ever seen. Im sending these to some friends t help get your thread more active.

    Stay lit

  12. Damn. Those are some good looking mids.
  13. wow dude. that is some nice looking bud. i wish i had taken pics from my first grow. they looked almost the same

  14. Thanks bro i appreciate it.

    And thanks to everyone else as well for the feedback. :smoke:
  15. at the price you get mids, you should pick up just mids considering they look only semi below your dank in quality. and it seems you can grab like twice as much for a fraction of the price
  16. this for sure.

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