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some of the best things in life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. are the things you might totally take for granted.
    a lazy eveing lying in a hammock....
    a song that takes you back......a smile
    a lone train whistle in the quiet of the night.
    random thoughts at 2 am.
    sunday afternoon, bets with friends....losing graciously,told ya so's
    real friends
    kind words that wont ever be forgotten.........

    take some timeand think about the things that are nice, it helps me get over the things that arent :D

  2. thats what gets me by..take notice and apprciating the lil things.. :D

    I hear ya higha! enjoying the odd warm weather in november :) too bad I gotta work, but that warm sun sure does feel good on my skin!

  3. I love that sound. I don't know what it is, but it always makes me feel kinda safe (?)...helps me sleep when I can hear a train. I'm glad I live near train tracks...well, near enough that I can hear it.
  4. ............We lived near trains for years .lt was strange when we moved ,the silence was weird :D
  5. sounds like we need julie andrews to sing this for us.

    I love sitting in a cafe with the rain pouring down outside
    sharing a perfect quiet moment with a friend
    dark dark chocolate
  6. i sure wish julie andrews was around an hour ago while i had my head stuck between the back of the computer desk and the WALL! and could not move for most of ten minutes, its funny how somtimes you can squeeze into a place to lets say plug a new mouse in (because a child using it once mucked it up so bad i needed a new one,) and then your head must grow in thirty seconds and then you cannont remove it............
    *note to self have someone move the computer desk away from the wall an extra inch *

    soooo i took my fat head and sat in the 82% record high indian summer sunshine day counted a blessing or two instead of killing my chid :D

  7. Sitting on a beach near a forest with a cabin near by, relaxing and thinking.........but for the thinking you need weed, for that reason you're surrounded by Cannabis plants, just growing wild in this place i call home. After your done token you go in your cabin and write a few poems, to the ones you live. After you do that, sit down and read a good book, maybe light up some more, but dont sleep yet. After you read a good few chapters, you go back outside and play with the bears for a bit, harvest some of those rip plants and trim'em up. Then after your done manicuring them, you go back inside, hang them up to dry and take a nap. When your done with your nap, get one of those Jay's you have already rolled (got to think ahead) and go fish some. when you cought some of those awsome fish, roast some up (you gotta be hungry by now) eat some of that fish and go chop some wood for a fire. after your done with that, strip naked and take a dip in the lake, ya need it. After that its dark, so make that fire, and sit back, toke some more and relax. Thats what I would love to do. Actually I do do that, but i have my g/f with me and I don't play with the bears or have plants growing all around .
  8. Poker night with a shot of whiskey and a big frosty mug of beer with blunts goin' round.
  9. I love those little things that most people take for granted. Leaves changing colors in the fall is something I will never get tired of watching..........
  10. LOL @ fathead you!!
    I feel I am tested everyday. I know that appreciating the little things (and a few good rounds of bong hits) keeps life from totally screwin' with my brain. I love warm, misty, summer mornings. I love peace and quiet. I love clean, cool, sheets and big fluffy blankets. I love seein all the boys sittin' around the table eating, talking (usually being little neanderthals). I love it in the winter when everything gets covered with ice.
    I'm sure I could also love a new car and house, losing about 40 pounds and being able to eat paper and shit money!!!
    (That's one of my regular answers to "Can I have some money?")

  11. HELL YEAH! i love the leaves, and everything about the fall (like how it's freezing 1 week, and 80 degrees the next, LMAO)... but the trees take the cake! even after all the leaves fall off i still find the naked trees amazing to look at.
  12. lil things are commin home early ealy the next mornin...sun startin to rise... head pounding...smoke in hand...... i step into my yard and my ears become filled with the sounds of crickets and froggs makin all sorts of racket.....very relaxin after a while..... but then again.... so is just hearin the breath of gorgeous girl sleepin next to ya.....:)
  13. Life in general is many people have it worse than us...the fact that were sitting here at a computer, were damn well off...I love life, and all that comes with it..:)
  14. dude i have cramps all the time, but for the short bit that im high and smoke up good i am actually apreciative of small things like this that i normally wouldnt be if i had no cramps at all, all i can say ppl is life only happens once so take full advantage of it because so many people dont get to

  15. :D hey someone noticed that i was TRAPPED completley and unwillingly by this monstrosity here. a fathead i am.
    in those minutes with my head stuck and a bum shoulder, that kept me from moving the desk at all, i whose idea was it for me an my child to get the top of our ears pierced last month? (the reason i was stuck soooo good)....oooh it was my very own bonding deal, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    stonie.....if you ever figgure the answer to shittin money. hollar LOUDLY kay? :D

  16. i like jus chillin with my friends and laughing at stupid shit. its also good when you can just sit and talk bout anything, withouth being afraid of what the otha person gonna on holidays with the family just sittin an talkin......

    havin a betta day now.
  17. unconditional love..

    bbq and a beer on a saturday...

    edit: i too have been stuck behind the computer desk..the phone was ringing and the more i thrashed the faster i stayed

    i had to really have a good think about how i got behind it before i could reverse the procedure and get out...

    i wonder if anyone ever died from that??

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