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  1. soo im not expert at poetry, but i do enjoy it, it helps me feel free. gets that weight off your shoulders you know?

    anyway, this first poem is about my oxycontin abuse days. i used to snort oxycontin to get away from lifes problems, I'm bipolar, and instead of facing my problems head on, i was in a full sprint backwards, just trying to get away from them.

    the reference to orange county in this poem deals with oxycontin for those of you who dont see that connection.

    Orange county memoirs
    Ignorance is bliss, or so I'm told.

    You make me alive, you make me feel bold.

    80 milligrams of freedom, with you I can do anything.

    Crush it, rail it, feel the sting.

    You see, everything will be alright.

    You have no reason to run; you have no reason to fight.

    This feeling taking over your body, it comes in waves.

    It brings the brightest of light, to even the darkest of caves.

    My sanity, it's slowly slipping away, down this crooked path I plod.

    I discover complete freedom, my head bobbles, as I begin to nod.

    I enter another zone, I feel like I can fly.

    Nothing can bring me down as I ascend into the sky.

    This is a place where sorrow cannot reach me, life's problems drift away.
    [FONT=&quot]“welcome to orange county,” you are here to stay.[/FONT]

    now this second poem is a poem about the herb.

    Flower of Desire
    The lighter begins to spark.​
    There is a small flash, followed by a glowing ember in the dark.​
    The smell is persistent.​
    Stress is lifted, your worries become distant.​
    Euphoria floods the mind.​
    The smoke reaches skyward, from a long pull of the kind.​
    View the world through the mind's eye.​
    Pupils dilate, eyes redden, you wonder, why?​
    Why must they shun this flower?​
    Those who cast a judging eye could not understand its power.​
    Knowledge through understanding and love.​
    Find an iRie zone, ascend to the sky above.​
    Trust in this and everything will be alright.​
    Open your mind, and let's take flight.​
    Please, come take my hand.​
    When you reach for the stars, you never know where you may land.​
    Why do they run from this flower, one might enquire?​
    For this is truly, the flower of desire.

    let me know what you think!
  2. I love em man, especially this one.

    I can relate to it in concern to my love for Adderall, and the pills are even orange like your county! xD
  3. Damn dude, you definitely got some skill. I can really feel the emotion put into it when I read it.
  4. thanks youuuuu:D
  5. :D:D

  6. workin on another one right now.

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