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  1. Well, potheads, its that time of year again...

    I have an indoor journal I just started a couple of weeks ago, and didnt want to get into the whole outdoor grow journal, but thought you might enjoy some pics from my outdoor gardens...Here are some pics from two of the locations, I didnt get to take pics of the other several spots - was too busy staking things down and tying them up, as Hurricane Earl is movin up the coast tonite and dont want any mishaps!

    I'll get some pics of the other 2 spots over the weekend...after the storm goes by!

    I only need 2 more weeks w/ this strain - is a ^ Week Early strain from a friend, same as I gro indoors....very nice nugs.


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  2. Heres more...

    There are many buds here that are much bigger than your forearm...

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  3. Even a couple more...

    I kinda like pic can see another garden behind the one in the foreground...*lol*

    peace, peoples.

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  4. Very nice. What are thay 1foot 11/2 foot long? Nice good jop.........
  5. Jksr1, If you are referring to the buds, tops, yeah, they are for the most part 18" to 24" long...They should fill in nicely in the next two weeks...but they finish very fast, I hope I can get two more weeks out of them.
    I think I will, tho, and if they fill in like they should, and have been for the last two weeks...:)

    LOTS of work, tho...its been a VERY dry summer up north here...many, many buckets of food and water manually carried, pretty much every other day. Yesterday they were very dry...It took 60 gallons manually carried in 5 gallon buckets - but you know what they say - you get out of anything you do what you put into it, and boy, have I been putting into it.

    It looks like the end result will be worthwhile, tho. Thanks for peekin' in.

  6. Good luck, thay look like mine n.y.d. Mine will go to oct 14 maybe a bitt less.
  7. In the end what do u think you will bagup?
  8. good luck with the hurricane bruh
  9. Jksr, These finish really early, like I am hoping to get two more weeks for them to fill in b4 they finish. They will be done b4 the 3rd week of September...
    As for how much, God, I have no idea... will keep u posted, tho. I bet its a bunch!!! :)

    BigFrench, thanks - I did just go out and look, and all is well, however, I'm really glad I made the effort yesterday, as I dont think it got that windy, or as much as they said it was going to last night when the storm came thru, just lotsa rain, anyhow, but it is really breezy now, and with those heavy tops... I'm glad I made the big effort yesterday. Now I can rest easy. Easier,anyhow, u never rest easy until its all in, dried and bagged and stashed, right...*lol*

    Good lookin' out, bro.

    I'll make sure I post some more pics b4 they come down, after they fill in some more.

  10. nice grow man, +rep
  11. got that right my friend. Heres some of mine. New york diesel
  12. Dont know what i did
  13. Hello fellow MAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your plants look very nice!Its alot of work isnt it big time :eek:.Whe did you start them indoors? Clones?I have a grow going under maina on the outdoor grow jernals take a look.
  14. Man, what a grow stud you are! :cool: Very nice looking outdoor girls, Jerry! Nice pics, too. Wow! I am envious as hell! :D Way to grow, bro! :wave:
  15. Those plants look so healthy and nice, what feeding line are you using?
  16. Elf, thanks for peekin' in. :)

    Maina - nice to meet a local grower... :) I cloned these late last winter, eraly spring. They went out around memorial day - will definetly take a peek at your grow.

    MX - hahaha! thanks man, getting close! Will get some more pics soon, as they are filling in nicely now - these are only 2 out of 4 spots...There is also another Northern Lights spot, which might take me into early October? No idea, never tried them outside before...

    Burned Haze, thanks, and as far as feeding, didnt really do a whole lot...dug holes, used some inexpensive Pro Mix, threw some Chicken Doo-Doo at 'em....threw some basic hydro nutes here and there, oh yeah, very important, I did make some batches of good old homemade Compost Tea...I swear by the stuff. The Tea consisted of some good compost from my buddys backyard - that starts the basis for the tea, is swarming w/beneficial microbes, threw some scoops of Myccorhizal bacteria (soluble) in it, some Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed, and some earthworm castings in the mix, some bat guano later in the season for flowering. Throw the whole mix in a nice 15 gallon container I have, make sure its warm but not hot, put a fishtank air pump with an airstone in there to aerate (very important), and then a little Blackstrap molasses to feed the microbes, and let it brew for 24-48 hours...Did I say I swear by the stuff? :)

    I also use this Tea on my indoor crops...I go w/ 2 feedings of the Canna line I am using, and then on the third feeding I flush the whole pot out with the Aerated Compost Tea...I feel that it does 2 things - first, I feel that it flushes out any residual salts from the Canna nutes, and also it loads the root zone w/beneficial microbes, which are just absolutely super for a healthy root zone. The Fish and Seaweed and guano puts some organic food in there, too, but the most important thing is the Myccorhizal action going on...

    I could talk about compost teas for hours...*lol*

    Happy growing!
  17. very nice brother! great looking outdoor plants, gunna be an exciting harvest:)
  18. another mainer! nice, i swore by that neptunes harvest last year! Compost tea is the shit also. just started a compost pile this year hopeing thing will be off the charts next year. i do wish i had a early strain like that mine will be ready by oct 7 hopefully. happy harvest and watch out for the helicopterss lol. :smoking::smoking:
  19. Couple more pics...these were actually 3-4 days ago, thjough, and the girls are filling in more as we speak... these pics arent the best quality, but kinda cool anyhow.

    I think I need to take down 3 of them this coming weekend, as they are simply finishing just a bit before the other bulk...and hoping to keep the other ones up until the following weekend.

    These girls finish fast, but I am trying to make sure they stay on as long as possible, without overdoing it.

    peace, potheads.


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  20. hey, Transistor - nice to meetcha!

    The teas ARE the shit - I swear by them. The Neptunes Harvest is really great, too, but more for veg growing. I love it. Theres alot of goodness in those cheap little bottles. :)

    Good luck, man. I'm rootin for ya.


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