Some of my clones are turning lime green..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by WilliamTell, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. So i have 10 clones about 10 days old going under 300w of led about 30+ in away, my temps are good, but they are in coco with what looks like 10%ish maybe perlite(I've never grown in coco before)I am using fox farms trio BB,GB(hydro kind),TB. So far they are getting 1.5TSP of BB and 1TSP of GB once a week. I water when the top of the coco dries, them being young I haven't watered until RO. Any ideas? I just ordered some cal-mag. Maybe they're too far from the light even though growth is pretty good no intense stretching.


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  2. I think that is just transitional. I would relax on that. Often new growth looks like green and when you wait it turns out to be just the result of growth.

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  3. The new growth is lime green bro like neon and the old growth went from a healthy green to that color as well I ordered cal-mag so well see if that helps, thanks for the reply anyhow man

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